Round and Round

I grew up in the north east of the USA.  We had many traffic circles.  When I became a driver I thought they were awesome.  Then slowly they began to disappear.

We moved to the mid-west about seven years ago and lo and behold…… mini-traffic circles seemed to appear in the oddest of places. By that I mean on roads less traveled and they call them Round-Abouts…….



Life goes round and round and round in a circle game…..

Have a great weekend!


Cate B

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20 thoughts on “Round and Round”

  1. Roundabouts….a new thing to us in our year in MD. Never heard of them before that. There were a bit scary at first!

    1. I just watched your link – I’m a little car sick now – LOL LOL . That was great except I’m so confused – they were driving on the wrong side of the road! 😉 LOL LOL

  2. We have them where there IS traffic, and they work fine unless you get someone who doesn’t get how they work. They can clog the works. The one at the side entrance to the university can be really interesting.

    On the overpass exchange to the place where I used to live, you would get off the freeway, and if you were heading in the direction of my place, you had to go through two round-abouts, one on each side of the overpass. Those weren’t quite as busy as the university one, but people’s uncertainty about how to proceed could create a little more stress than needed.

    My mother thinks they are evil and rants about them every time she sees one. 😉

    1. hahahaha. It’s so true about being use to them. Like I said I grew up with the but my husband did not. He either bolts right through without yielding or goes very slow. But these here are vacant most of the time. LOL What a world we live in….. LOL Your mom may be right – evil. LOL

  3. We use to have a road that had a tree in the middle. They just split the road around it. Of course it had a lot of bark knocked off it ha-ha. Life is a circle dear Cate so true.

    Blessings to you

  4. I don’t see many round-abouts in my region, but when I do, many struggle with them .. .well, until they get used to them. 😉 … Oh my, does life ever go around and around … Good song!

  5. We have one here in Cebu! It’s called Fuente Osmena Circle but from now on I will call it Fuente Roundabout. 😀 I learned something today! 🙂

  6. Fun post!! (and we are real big Joni Mitchell fans in this house!)– Hope you and your family have a marvelous memorable Thanksgiving. I am thankful for you. xo

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