Writing Again, Writing Still

It’s been almost a year since I last posted on the topic of writing .  My goals, etc.  The book I started and started again and thought I finished……..almost.

Sigh.  I cannot compare myself to others.  That is unwise – even the bible tells us that.

But I do it anyway until I catch myself.  So many of my peers write on their blog often.  Sometimes several times a day.  Me? Oh, perhaps once a week or two.  Good grief.  I guess there are no tight rules on this but I may be forgotten if I don’t write something!

I decided to wrap up a booklet I wanted to  publish.  Good time to do it – now.  So I progressed rapidly this week.  Even asked two authors I know to write an endorsement for the front.  Sigh, again.  After I sent the “manuscript” out to a friend to read first, I realized that the requirements of the publisher was to have at least fifty pages.  WHAT?!?!?!  I have just over half that.

Time for fetal position.  I dread going back in and adding to what I thought was alright.  Ugh.  Double ugh.

I do believe I can write.  But why such dread?  Why do I feel defeated before I even start?  I don’t normally write such gut revealing words on here – but this is how I feel today.

I know me enough to know that I will pick myself up and dust myself off and face this project.  Sooner, I hope, rather than later.

I am open for advice and encouragement – but not criticism.  I do not believe that criticizing artistic abilities is a thing.  We are all individuals with individual tastes.

Thank you for letting me spill to you……

😀 Cate B

Author: Cate B

I'm a writer/blogger. I am in love with Creation and especially THE Creator. He is my best friend. I love to write and I love to bake – especially pie – and I love to crochet – among other creative things…….. I am passionate about the potential I see in others…….. I want to help them get there.

27 thoughts on “Writing Again, Writing Still”

  1. Dear Cate. Your are a treasure! Thank you ((hugs))

    My own thoughts are that life throws stuff at us which is constantly being re-prioritised (by practical considerations as well as personal “preferences”). But – when having to write hurts my heart – that is when I listen. The obligation I usually find to be entirely my own obligation imposed by me. Duty and expectation and reputation and status and all that (I speak of my internal turmoil). I am learning that when my heart hurts, it is usually my Lord and Father feeling a little “compressed” for lack of space.

    And I finding that to be powerful. When I hurt Him inside me – I am hurting both of us. A perspective change usually follows very quickly! Tarrah for now … 🙂

  2. Oh, Cate, I know. I know. Do you recall my telling you the other day about my six-year project that completely morphed into something else? (sigh)

    It’s the learning that comes with the process, the ever so gentle musical notes, the lyrical, gliding dance steps we take with Him that become the heartening, encouraging, embracing waltz. It’s the in-between, Divine Interruptions which hold the pearls of wisdom to be used in the writing, in the climbing up the steps, making every subsequent word easy to unfold.

    So breathe. I can honestly say from the other side of one of those delightful hurdles (which seem at the time so annoyingly frustrating and defeating), He is sending you on a new direction which is so much bigger than you ever imagined. ❤

  3. Some people write every day, some people wait until they clearly see a message they NEED to share, Cate. Don’t knock yourself. No one is going to forget you on here just because you don’t post every day. Actually, quite the contrary….when you have that clear message you HAVE to share, people will remember you all the more because you don’t ‘speak’ often and when you do everyone knows it’s full of substance! I truly believe that we are put exactly where we are meant to be, Cate….even when we can’t see the reason in that moment, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong or that it’s not going to happen….it only means that there isn’t just the path you’re on, there’s a whole forest of goingson around that path that you aren’t privy to at the moment. The great news is that when your place on that path in that forest is finally revealed to you there isn’t any better feeling in the world! Keep on hiking, Cate, I promise it’ll be worth the climb!

  4. Hey, Cate, write for what every reason makes you happy. And everybody else can stuff it LOL.

    I only every started blogging because some preacher on TV made me mad and I wanted to write it down and needed a place to put it. Now the rest is history LOL.

  5. Cate-

    I totally get how you feel. What I’ve been learning is that we have to connect with what’s in our day and take all of it. One post may effect thousands of lives, many empty posts may do nothing. Sometimes just one word can change someone. What if just one thing you said changed someone’s life and placed them in eternity? Think about that. Really let the spirit move and flow and live and breathe inside of you. Enjoy the words of other writers. Set goals yes that’s fine but let them breathe! Like Susan said, this is a process.

  6. Fetal position, I had to chuckle Cate although I can definitely relate. All things in the right time. I pray for patience for you Cate. For faith that you can and will finish your book. That you can lay this task at the Lord’s feet. Trusting in him to provide what you need. That you would experience overwhelming joy as you rest in the lord. I am again reminded of Psalms 23 :1. Oh how great is the Lord’s love for you. How special you are to him. He sees your heart. Be encouraged my friend all will be well with your soul. Bless her Lord
    Thank you Lord

    Much love and blessings

  7. ok my friend, here is my two cents lol…i didn’t go through to read what everyone wrote, so if this repeats anyone’s thoughts, please forgive me…
    the first thing that hit me besides “don’t get frustrated” was…don’t fret, don’t worry about what you’ll add to it, because it’s all inside of you already! God already deposited what you need inside of you long ago…just call it up front…give it place to rise up and come forth! pray in the spirit and you’ll be amazed at how it is revealed…i heard the Lord say to tell you it’s been in there all this time, you didn’t know it, but He did!! lol, isn’t He amazing? He’s always one step ahead of us…so go ahead, don’t fret, it will rise up just like the cream rises to the top of the milk!! you’re stuff is the “cream”… 😉
    i have faith in you and so do others…be the “cream” let it rise to the top…then spill it out 🙂

  8. We all know you can do it Cate– you have so much life in you, so much to say!! (and you have me so curious as to what your book is about!) I say (when you’re read) soldier on. I will buy a copy!!

  9. I believe in you and really soon you will be letting us know how you have successfully published your book. Thanks for sharing, sometimes l do not write on my blog as l feel overwhelmed by all the things l have to do, so l read great blogs like your and l am given hope and inspiration.
    Good luck in all you do and thanks for being so inspirational.

  10. Hey Cate …
    I have gotten a lot of encouragement from this group that I am a member of: Christian Writers – FaithWriters.com, the Ultimate Community for Christian Writers. No, I do not get any benefit from telling you or you signing up. But I would like you to go forward with your book. Go explore and see if this may be of help. Blessings for you as you journey in the new year.

  11. Oh, Cate! Big hugs to you. ♡ Just the fact that you’re willing to try to write something and share it with others is simply quite amazing. I’m sure your dedication will pay off. Keep on going. You have such a lovely blog. I know what you mean about not posting as often as ‘you think you should’. So many around me post weekly if not more. I am not so prolific. I wonder too if people will drift away but try to remember that my blog is a labor of love and those that are interested will hang around. Good luck on your journey in 2016.

    1. Thanks Rhonda! Yes, the girls and getting use to new semester schedule. Hubby went out of town for the last week and that added to my load. I’m still here and all is well. Thank you ❤

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