You’ve Got A Friend

One of the beauties of humanity is when you find people of like mindedness. Kindred Spirits. Someone who thinks similar to you and even understands what you just told them.

For me that seems few and far between. But when I find one it is like a bowl full of gems and jewels and chocolate!

The church we attend has a Wednesday night meeting. I do not always go to the midweek meeting but the last three weeks they have invited three different young adults from a college in the Kansas City area. These kids (I call them) get the opportunity to share what they are learning and going through with the intent of helping others. Youth. So refreshing.

Last night a young man walked up to my husband and I and introduced himself as the guest speaker for the evening. He proceeded to say that he likes to get to know his audience by asking what it is they have been going through lately. Well, having just posted my last blog about the seasons of my life I jumped right in and talked about that. Bam! He totally understood what I was talking about.

Don’t you just love it when you find someone who gets you? It is so important. We all have friends and acquaintances of different degrees. It is important we know that. Some are friends and the relationship may be more one sided. Those are good. Some, well, some are just “hey, how ya doin'” kind of relationship and you keep on walking. That’s ok too.

I’m not saying that this young man is now my deepest friend. I may never see him again. What I am saying is that we all need someone or a few someone’s we can rely on. The someones that don’t question your every look or move. The someones that have your back. The someones that hand over their back to you. The trust that no matter what you go through or how you go through it they will not judge or walk away, even if they don’t understand totally. The love.

Recently, my husband and I saw the need for others to come alongside and hold us up through changes in our life. It’s all good things. He travels from time to time and I cannot always go along. We needed prayer support and friend support while he goes and I stay or when we both go.

So. We formed “Our Posse”. A group of friends of like heartedness and like mindedness. A group of loving and caring friends from quite the variety of life. A Motley Crew. We send out group messages when we have upcoming things we may need wisdom about and they pray. What a difference our life has become. We feel so much lighter. So less burdened.

And for me, I belong to a “Posse” of a few women who understand me and are there for me. A “Tribe” of support that I love so much.

I recommend this for everyone. It is not good for man to live alone. We were born for relationship. First one with God and then others.

I had a call from a friend of twenty plus years. We use to take nature walks or just gab over coffee and tea. Instant friends. Now she lives in Puerto Rico. But we are still strong together and always will be. It’s as if we never parted geographically.

Don’t stand alone, Dear Reader. There are people out there for your back. Even this blogging community has someone or someones for you to connect with.


Cate B

Author: Cate B

I'm a writer/blogger. I am in love with Creation and especially THE Creator. He is my best friend. I love to write and I love to bake – especially pie – and I love to crochet – among other creative things…….. I am passionate about the potential I see in others…….. I want to help them get there.

8 thoughts on “You’ve Got A Friend”

  1. Cate thank you for this encouraging story. I am so blessed to know you. I will always have your back.

    Much love Tom

  2. first, let me say, this song has such deep meaning for me, i wish i could share, but i won’t bore you lol…it goes beyond deep for me…so thank you for sharing it and touching a part of me i don’t share with many and reminding me, God truly knows who we need and when we need them in our lives…needless to say, am VERRRRRRY thankful we have our tribes ( xxx) to share our tender moments…
    this was one of your really good posts…it touched me deeply and reminded me that tribes/posses are important!
    i don’t now what i’d do without those God has send to me…always grateful 😉 always amazed…

  3. Love this post Cate– been meeting with the same group of women for about 20 years and I know what you mean– sisters who really know you and your life and help you through the tough bits, celebrate the good parts with you… I just read an terrific book that had a chapter about this idea– “For the Love” by Jen Hatmaker. Have you read it? Such a wonderful look at community. OK, happy week ahead friend… xo

      1. I really loved it– going to buy a few copies and invite some of the young girls in our community group to come for dinner for 4 weeks to read through it together– it’s got lot of humor. I think you’d like it.

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