Still Winter Around The Burg

It’s the last week of February with an extra day attached. Still drab in color but nature is alive. Spring is just around the corner and colors will return.

Here’s the beef…….

Enjoy your weekend!

Cate B



10 Replies to “Still Winter Around The Burg”

      1. I’d love to get in there Cate– I could use some classes. I love to quilt but they are all basic little squares (but I do have a whole log of fancy quilt pinned on Pinterest!!) xo

          1. I love them because I get to pick the colors and the pattern and then spend so much time over them stitching away. But my grandma, who sewed all my clothes growing up and could stitch anything, called them “serviceable.” funny. –also love “blog talking” with you Cate. xo

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