Missouri Skies

We recently took a road trip to the east coast of the USA. We had a great time with family and friends. The weather was perfect. I breathed in salty air and stuck my toes in the ocean. Ahhhhh.

Well, on the way home to The Middle, Missouri to be precise, we came across these clouds to the north of us. I love to see the skies in the mid-west. They are much like the ocean I left behind. Always changing color and always leaving room for my vast imagination.


cate b

Author: Cate B

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12 thoughts on “Missouri Skies”

  1. great pics Cate! and it was great following you all the way back to your old stomping ground!
    the pictures are amazing, the clouds incredible…love your eye for capturing the beauty of His hand…the clouds look like they could speak!

  2. We love road trips to the Midwest and my eyes are often skyward to appreciate the puffy clouds and blue skies (something we don’t always have in California-clouds, I mean).

  3. Gorgeous Cate! Loved the last big highway into the sky photo!! So grand! I took a road trip with my daughter moving her stuff from Chicago back to California and and I surprised how taken I was with the skies as we drove across bare country day after day. I kept taking pictures too! I think normally it’s not something I notice too much, but sitting in the car all those hours, you can really study/appreciate the sky. Glad your home safe and sound. And Florida??…

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