Finally – A New Camera!

I just love to take pictures. My Fuji from 2004 bit the dust completely last year sometime. I was so sad, but it was outdated. It was time.

I continued to take photos with my iPhone6! LOL. It was alright but I missed having a real camera in my hands.

Just so you know, I am by no means what I consider a photographer to be. I am clueless as to what aperture means and all the other terms involved. All I know is point and shoot and hope for the best – the beauty of digital!

Well, I finally decided on a camera. It actually came recommended to me by a photography blog I follow. I just loved Cindy’s photos of the colorful birds in her area. Absolutely beautiful!

So here goes. This camera, a Sony – DSC-H400, is simple to use and the best thing is it zooms to 63X. Say what?

That zoom got me excited. But it takes practice for a simple lady like myself. But look at the moon:

And I know I can do better with practice! It’s all I can do not to spend all of my free time outside looking for things to shoot.

Here’s a few more…..


Cate B


Author: Cate B

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8 thoughts on “Finally – A New Camera!”

  1. wow Cate!! nice pics! good luck with your new toy, enjoy it!! looks like you’re already doing that (duh) lol…glad you find such fun in your new treasure, i can’t wait to see what’s next! 😉
    peace out x

      1. miss you too…it’s been way too long 😦
        i’m glad i finally got to read one of your blogs…i can’t keep up…i haven’t blogged in so long, i almost forgot how to do it!!! ttys ❤

  2. It works Cate!! These pictures are bright, clear an beautifully detailed!! Be fun to see what you come up with this camera ahead… hugs friend!

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