Always A Mom

I am a grandma five times now plus one great grandson. Not too bad. I love it. But I will always be a mom.

In the back corner of my mind I thought that once the kids grew into adulthood and had their own families going, when their careers and schooling and such were all in tact, well, I thought somewhere in the crevices of my brain that I would be done being a mom.

Silly, I know. Because I think I am more a mom now than ever. What I mean by a “mom” is that my heart is bigger and more soft and vulnerable than when I spent many hours feeding, cleaning, burping, guiding, etc.

Now I have more time to look at what my children have become and are still growing into who they are. I give myself and my husband a great big pat on the back for who these kids are. And who their kids are becoming.

But as I watch, I cry. I cry tears of joy and silly sadness. One of my boys and his lovely wife is moving to the UK in just a few weeks! The UK!!! I live in the USA!!!

The good things are……. they will be there for a year (could be longer, who knows?). The better thing is that this is a dream come true for our son and his wife… opportunity to study at the University of Edinburg!

The BEST thing is that my husband and I will take our dream trip this Christmas and spend two glorious weeks in Scotland and a bit of Ireland! I’m beside myself with excitement! The child rearing years have paid off.

Then why the sadness you ask? Just knowing they are not and hour and a half away makes me cry a little. I actually feel a little lost. I go through that with our oldest and his family being twenty hours away by car.

I’ll make it. I couldn’t be more proud of all my kids.

But being a mom is hard.

Cate B

Here is a “seed” a friend sent me… my first spending money:

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  1. wow Cate! all this excitement in one post!!! i can’t imagine what must be going on in your mind and heart…but i can say, i’m thrilled for you and most of all, PROUD OF YOU (and Pat) for doing such an awesome job and for being able to fulfill your dreams!!! blessings to you, my friend, and may the blessings run you down and overtake you!!!!! wow, just wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh, Cate, I feel what you are saying and my heart is full of emotion just reading this! Who knew being a mom would be such a journey? When I hear parents saying their “job” is almost done as their kids are graduating I have to laugh! They have no idea, do they?

  3. Can’t tell you how much I love this Cate– about being more of a mom than every with a bigger softer heart. It’s so true. And I’m excited for your visit this winter to the kids in the UK. Larry and I moved our kids to Spain for 12 years when they were small– and my folks came to see us once a year. It was such sweet times– we loved showing them our world there. It meant a lot. I know your kids will be so so happy to have you there. And as their world/life gets bigger, so does yours. I know you’ll miss them, but you can make the connections. We had our son and family in China for 10 years. It takes lots of face time and little treats sent in the mail. Sorry I’m going off on this– but we’ve been on both ends of the long distance parenting and I know you can make the most of a sometimes hard adjustment. Love you Cate– xoxo

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