A Wee Peek….

Hello Dear Readers.

I am posting on my mobile in Edinburgh Scotland!

What a trip this has been so far. I have so much to process before I delve into the journey. So to whet your appetite I will show you Bobby.

This pup lived on his master’s grave until his own death. His nose is rubbed shiny because of everyone who “boops” his nose as they go by.

This nation loves it’s pups. I have never been to such a dog friendly nation. Dogs on busses and trains and walking everywhere. So well behaved.

Here’s Bobby wishing you all a wonderful New Year!


Cate B

Author: Cate B

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  1. this is the cutest post ever! i love this little guy and his story! i’m happy you’re having so much fun in Scotland…so many memories to be made for you and your family! thanks for always sharing your trip, it makes us folks back in the USA feel like we’re visiting as well!! enjoy each and every moment…and take one moment at a time savoring them one at a time…thanks for the wee peek! xx

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