Spring Is In the Air

It is finally warm outside here, in The Middle. Buds are on the trees and some have blossoms. Birds are singing and nesting and flying north once again.

I have longed for this. Winter lasted a long time this year and kept coming back every now and then. I do believe it is finally gone.

I sat outside for a couple of hours this morning just soaking up the sun and vitamin D. I love it. The breeze and the bright blue sky brings hope on its’ wings.

Here are some photos I grabbed….. go ahead and click on each one…….


Cate B

8 thoughts on “Spring Is In the Air

  1. Rhonda Sittig

    Spring has been so slow in coming this year– it seems like everyone is elated to have it here Cate!! Are you still traveling?? Hope we see some NJ pics! xox

          1. Rhonda Sittig

            Oh exciting Cate!! Congratulations! Our niece just finished her nursing degree in January and I know it was a long haul!! What a great vocation– really helping people at important times. xox

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