New Days Ahead

Isn’t it a most intriguing time? So what are you all doing while staying at home?

My husband and I go for walks when the weather permits. I have baked so much that I don’t want to anymore, the freezer is full. My favorite part of this quarantine is to reflect on my life. This feels like an opportune time to reflect and have a remake. Not a new hair cut or a new wardrobe, although the wardrobe part is enticing, an attitude adjustment, or maybe a reflecting time of my life. What do I want to do now and what will life look like when this is over?

Well, for one thing, I have been continuing my painting journey and actually sent off a painting that will end up in Norway and am painting two more for local people. That was a nice surprise for me to sell my paintings. I will now stop saying I’m not an artist.

I have “chatted” and video called friends from around the world. I love technology. We do live in an amazing time. We may never fully understand this worldwide virus invasion but I really encourage all of us not to waste the time waiting for it to end. Take this time to reach out to others or relatives and friends that you have lost touch with. There is so much more of a fuller life right at our fingertips and all we have to do is set aside our grievances and unforgiveness and most of all our pride and reach out. Be the one who makes the first move. Life is precious and we have no idea when our life or others will end on this earth.

In my lifetime there has never been such a worldwide event as this virus. Nothing compares to this time. Let’s glean from it and come out winners. I am truly sorry for anyone who has lost a loved one to this sickness or who are waiting and hoping for someone to overcome it. But there is hope, and I believe a living God who sees the full picture.

Hang in there, good readers, and please let me know how you are coping. Let’s keep it light and encouraging. The good news is the best news.


My latest painting

Cate B

Author: Cate B

I'm a writer/blogger. I am in love with Creation and especially THE Creator. He is my best friend. I love to write and I love to bake – especially pie – and I love to crochet – among other creative things…….. I am passionate about the potential I see in others…….. I want to help them get there.

6 thoughts on “New Days Ahead”

  1. I just love your blogs, Cate! You are honest and straight forward and seem to say so many things I’m thinking! I’m sure it’s the same for others too. I also have been baking a ton. We take walks and play outside. I absolutely love our fireplace and it just gives me peace to see it and sit beside it. Kris and I are working on our difficult marriage issues that stem from things in our past. We are doing tons of reading and counseling. Thank you technology! I have realized that although I’m social, I really am a homebody and love being home. It’s an awesome thing to realize something about yourself you didn’t before. Love you guys!

  2. Hi Cate. This was beautifully written and I love your attitude! Congratulations on selling your paintings. You are an artist! I love the beautiful painting at the top of the page.

  3. Hi Cate – love your words – and paintings! These are challenging times, aren’t’ they? I’m working from home now and due to flex hours, where I have extra time, I can catch up on my list of things I have let piled up. I’m taking care of Mama who has been in our home since Thanksgiving. I also am enjoying preparing home-cooked meals again for my household, and even baking more, which my hubby loves. Hubby is remodeling our bathroom in between his jobs. And I’m slowing getting back into writing more. So God is good, all is well and we just take it one day at a time.

    1. So good to hear from
      You, Mary. I also am getting back into writing. I’ve put it off too long. Stay healthy! Love hearing from you. 💛❤️

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