Faeries and Pies

OK.  I’m back after a few days.  There was a storm in our area on Sunday morning.  Hail, wind, RAIN, trees down and no power to many people.  We were fortunate because no trees landed in our yard (next door was worse) and our power was our for only 17 hours while some got it restored last night!

I said all that to let you know my excuse for not blogging until now – that and the fact that I laid to rest my iphone and had to spend time getting use to a blackberry – you know, it does you no good to tap the screen or run your fingers across it!

Faerie Pies.  Several years ago now I was blessed to work at a Victorian B&B in Cape May, NJ.  For a several year stretch the town was inundated with Irish young folks who came over to work hard all summer at the Jersey Shore (and party too by the looks of their recycle buckets each morning).  We had two such young ladies at the B&B.  I had made some cookies that particular morning for afternoon tea.  We made them small for a few different reasons.  One recipe was simply a shortbread type mini chocolate chip cookie covered in powdered sugar.  When the girls saw them one exclaimed, “Oh, you made faerie cakes!”  I do believe the size of the cookie gave way to that statement.  So ever since then I have called them Faerie Cakes.

Recently, here in the mid-west, I was asked to provide Pie for an open house at a local business.  They wanted individual pies.  So, using mini muffin pans I made hundreds of Faerie Pies.  They were a great hit, but I think when I referenced them as being Faerie Pies it didn’t go over very well.  Most of the customers seemed to be of a Christian background and Faeries had no place there or a very limited space in their minds. Mind you, this is just my assumption to their no reply blank look on their faces when faeries were mentioned.

I’m not a believer of faeries myself – sorry Tinkerbell, please don’t die – I have theories.  I do have an overactive imagination and let’s face it that is where faeries would dwell.  I do believe with all my heart that Jesus is my savior and faeries have nothing to do with my salvation.

I do however believe that people or people groups have seen such creatures – as to what they really are – well there are winged creatures that let humans see them from time to time – both the good and the evil.  We’ll leave faerie talk right there for now. 🙂

So, what does this have to do with pies?  Not much.  Just rambling thoughts. But one more thing – I really would like to think that faeries LOVE pie!

Why Pie?

OK – The reason behind me doing this blog.

I was greatly taken with the movie “Julie and Julia”.  The idea that someone would set out to cook 1 Julia Child meal a day for a year was fascinating and then blog about it.  Awesome idea!  I thought of making a pie a week – a pie a day is a bit much – but I haven’t quite decided yet.

Why pie?  Well there are a lot of reasons.  Let’s begin when my two youngest sons were in about 5th and 7th grades.  “What kind of cake do you want for your birthday” I asked my youngest.  “I want apple pie”, he replied, “never really liked birthday cake”.

Not like birthday cake?  How does one go through life not liking birthday cake?  Well, apple pie it was!

Many birthday pies later………. I find myself in a new era of life.  Kids all grown and out of the house.  Went through the loss of our only daughter.  Moved to mid-west leaving grand children on east coast.  Sigh.  So many changes.  What to do now?

Well, I realized I have a great amount of creative juices boiling in me and spending the last 6 years working for a police department (so black and white) I was ready to burst if I didn’t do SOMETHING creative.  I gave a lot of thought about what I would LOVE to do ……. draw, paint, make cards (which I CANNOT do without my daughter-in-law present), pursue music for the 1,000th time, bake, cook, raise dogs, crochet, knit, …… WAIT! Back up.  Bake.  I LOVE to bake.  I LOVE to bake pies!

I got nostalgic.  Our family seems to gather together and talk about food – especially right after we cooked and devoured an incredible meal – we talk about how we’ll cook it next time!  And pie comes up a lot.  I thought back to my child hood – baby boomer – and gatherings.  The following song was popular, I think prior to my existence, but I remember it as a child.  The lyrics follow:

Irving Berlin:

Why worry when skies are gray
Why should we complain
Let’s laugh at the cloudy day
Let’s sing in the rain
Songwriters say the storm quickly passes
That’s their philosophy
They see the world through rose-colored glasses
Why shouldn’t we?

Just around the corner
There’s a rainbow in the sky
So let’s have another cup o’ coffee
And let’s have another piece o’ pie!

Trouble’s just a bubble
And the clouds will soon roll by
So let’s have another cup o’ coffee
And let’s have another piece o’ pie

Let a smile be your umbrella
For it’s just an April show’r
Even John D. Rockefeller
Is looking for the silver lining

Mister Herbert Hoover
Says that now’s the time to buy
So let’s have another cup o’ coffee
And let’s have another piece o’ pie!

[Alternate Lines:]
Things that really matter
Are the things that gold can’t buy

Nice words, eh?  Whenever company came and mom made a pie it seemed to me, as a small insignificant observer in the room (seen but not heard), people were happier – much happier than if a cake was served!  Don’t get me wrong, unlike my children, I like birthday cake very much!  But pie seems to bring out the best in people.  Don’t know why but I am determined to find out on my pie making quest.

So, I will keep you “posted” on what I am doing with my pies.  So far I have created “Deb’s Chocolate Dream Pie” – a double chocolate pie served with Lime Sour Cream topping with a sprinkle of fresh cilantro on top!  Taste buds stand up and cheer for that one!

Until next time – Think Pie! 🙂

Found Jersey Blueberries in KC, MO!

OK – I say it a lot!

For my first “blog” entry – well, it’s a disaster! I have this compulsion in me that insists I must have the blog page all pretty and nice BEFORE I can make an entry. Well, that’s insane for me. Because I cannot figure out how to set things up and have called my son 2x already. He tells me to relax and have fun. When does the fun begin?
Not to mention we are having company in about 3 hours and I haven’t done much to ready us for that.
So, blogging ……. trying to take deep breaths ……. what is a tag, anyway? I think I need a dictionary or do they make Blogging for Dummies?

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