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Spring Time Around The Burg 2016

We are having a lovely Spring in The Middle this year. Perfect temperatures. Not quite enough rain but a bit here and there.

We enjoyed a drive yesterday in the country toward a town called Calhoun and onward to Warsaw, Missouri located on a portion of Truman Lake. We had a late breakfast at The Rusty Skillet.

Here are some pics – taken from my iPhone6 but recognizable. ūüėÄ

Enjoy! Cate B

Still Winter Around The Burg

It’s the last week of February with an extra day attached. Still drab in color but nature is alive. Spring is just around the corner and colors will return.

Here’s the beef…….

Enjoy your weekend!

Cate B


Tea Time

It’s a gorgeous day in The Burg. ¬†Not a cloud in the sky after two days of rain. The air is crisp and clear. ¬†Nothing like a little walk around town and then a treat.

I love treats.  I try to space them out so they can truly be a treat.  If done too often then I take them for granted.  Treats are much more enjoyable when they are not regular and maybe a bit spontaneous.

It’s been very serious in the social media realm this past week or two. ¬†Many things to ponder.

So today’s treat was welcomed. ¬†Not to forget the things in the world but to help get perspective. ¬†A perspective of Hope and a broader view. ¬†A God’s – Eye view.

So Penny June and Papa and me took a stroll and saw things through the eyes of a child.  Wonderment.

Penny June in awe

Penny June in awe


Ice tea and cinnamon bun РPJ ate her cookie at a rapid speed.  A great morning at Old Drum Coffee House.


Cate B

Lions Lake

Hello All.

This Autumn is so fresh and slightly crisp around The Burg. ¬†We get some color changes in the trees but really don’t have enough of those gorgeous Maple Trees that Vermont is famous for. ¬†But our trees still change and I love it.

Here are some snaps of our walk around Lions Lake this morning.

and a video of the geese…..


cate b

Autumn is Coming to The Burg

I must have several posts swimming around in my mind that I could write about…..

BUT, it is autumn and my most favorite time of year.  Therefore, I daydream way too much and enjoy more drives around our lovely town.

So here you go.  We found this unpaved road just out of town and went exploring today.


cate b

Around The Burg – Again…….

As I have posted before, The Burg is a small town in the mid-west.  It happens to be the county seat.  One of the treasures in this area are the other towns surrounding us.  Some are in the same county and some are not.  But most are only between eight and 30 miles away.

I went to Leeton, MO a week ago and went back the other day with my camera.  Leeton is quite small with a population of a little over five hundred people.  The buildings from down town are awesome, but sadly, vacant or used as housing, I think.  I always feel sad when small town America is no more.

I’ll let the images talk. ¬†Please know that the last photos are something I do not understand totally or agree with. ¬†I’m sure (hopeful) that the resident is not totally aware of how this affects others. ¬†Especially when you read some history of the town and how the founder served in the Union Army for several years. ¬†Also, given the recent occurrences of racial tension in our nation (or should I say ongoing?) I can’t help but think this is a problem……

Enough of that.  Enjoy the photos.  I love this area of our country.

cate b

Around the Burg…….

We had a great time with Friends this weekend. ¬†We drove about an hour to a town that has a population of 159! ¬†Say what? ¬† Yes, 159. ¬†That’s one hundred fifty-nine people.

They have a restaurant that is famous for it’s pie. ¬†The lunch was also good. But best of all getting together with Friends is the whole pie! ¬†We went with a couple from The Burg and met up with a couple from Springfield, MO. ¬†Now the Friends have more Friends. ¬†I love to connect people.

After we left the booming town of Collins, with a population of 159, we took the old highway and enjoyed nature! ¬†The wildflowers were in full bloom and I was so caught up in the enjoyment of The Creator that I did not take so many pictures. ¬†Not to mention the two turtle crossing the road were left behind (much to their delight I’m sure).

Next stop, Osceola Cheese store! Samples galore of all kinds of cheeses.  A must stop if you find yourself in western Missouri.

Without further ado, here are some photos.


cate b