OK.  Road trip is now behind me.  It was awesome and our dear dog, Hayley Mills Sasquatch Bryson had a fabulous time and was extremely well behaved for a 10 month old dog.  Fall colours on the eastern part of US were incredible and the Atlantic Ocean is still there even though I am not.

That said, let’s move on.  About that book I’m writing ….. ug.  The thing is, I KNOW I can do it.  I have NO doubts that I can do it.  I do it in my head A LOT.  But boy howdy, it is hard!  Focusing is very hard for me some days.  At this point I would like to upload a short video taken on my NEW iphone4 (bragging, yes) of me hard at work on this book : if I could figure out how ……. more distractions.  Can’t even focus on this blog. Sigh.  But the African Rooibus tea I just made is fantastic!!


So, that said, well, have a great day.

Road Trip

OK, this week we pack a vehicle, luggage, map and a LARGE puppy to head to a coastal location to visit family and other such busy-ness.  I’m excited!  A road trip!  YES!

I hate driving.  I hate public restrooms. I hate eating an abundance of fast food with it dripping down the front of me. But I love a road trip every couple of years or so.

One that I remember well was quite a while ago now.  We decided to take a vacation and visit family – a long over due necessity.  We were going to travel from one coast to the other with a family reunion in between.  It was July I believe or maybe closer to August.  First stop was the family reunion in Idaho!  Up near Sun Valley.  And camping!  Did I say I hate camping?

We own zero camping equipment other than a few K-Mart sleeping bags.  But no worries, in-laws had a tent ready and waiting for us.  So, we arrived in this idyllic setting in the mountains of Idaho complete with lake – freezing – and lots of trees.  Don’t misunderstand me, I LOVE the mountains and lakes and woods and dirt.  I HATE to sleep in it.  I love the fresh air and the cold – but I am the person that Winnebago’s were made for – that campers on wheels were designed to house.  Tents?  Well, I nice idea but not for this Jersey Girl!

So, in our little seven passenger station wagon and 4 children, did I say 4 children, we set out for our journey.  Road rules:  NO ONE  CAN ASK,  ARE WE THERE YET?  This rule works pretty well if we add, “We’ll give you a dollar if you do not ask that question along with, I’M BORED and HOW FAR IS IT NOW?

At the camp ground we were surrounded by relatives we didn’t know – even thought perhaps we were at the wrong reunion – showed to our tent and settled in for the festivities.  The kids all found cousins their own ages and were gone.

A few hours into this experience our 3rd son was found sitting on the steps to the only cabin at this site looking somewhat afraid.  I asked what was wrong, he at first said, “Nothing”, then when prodded a little more he simply stated, “I don’t want Beaver Fever”.  I asked what made him think he would get Beaver Fever?  He said, “That lady told me”.  “What lady?”  Then she appeared  –  “cousin” who was the mother of the child he decided was a friend.  “They were drinking out of a spigot.  I told them they would have Beaver Fever by morning.  No big deal, diarrhea, etc.” , and she walked away.  I had two choices at that point:  To jump her and pull her hair out OR turn back to my petrified child and console him and convince him that it would not happen to my child.  By the look on his face I believe he thought a night of extreme hair growth and a flat tail extending from his buttocks would be imminent.

Well, neither happened – much to my relief.  The only problems while sleeping in the tent was frozen m&ms in the morning.  FROZEN in the middle of summer.  Another reason not to “camp” added to my list.

After goodbyes and warming up we hit the road for the rest of our journey.  It was great.  We had a wonderful time with family and headed back across our beautiful nation.  Except on the way home, where we stopped in Ohio, we had to “bleach” the horseshoe crab carcasses due to smell of death and maggots.  But other than that all was well.

So, this trip is just hubby and puppy!  Can’t wait.

Here in the Waiting Room

waiting for a cookie

Waiting is very hard for me.  Is it easy for anyone?  Well, I’m sure there are some of you that wait better than I do and perhaps even enjoy the waiting.  God bless you.

But this is about me – I want to embrace the waiting.  I want to get every single drop of the moisture  of learning, of knowing, of love out of the waiting.  I want to paint the waiting room walls a cheery yellow with green accents and a touch of orange so as long as I need to linger I can enjoy the wait.

So, here I am in the waiting room.  Trying to focus on the One who sits with me as I wait.  Trying to focus on Him and the tasks set before me that can be worked on while waiting ………

Waiting for what, you ask?  I am simply waiting for the desires of my heart to come to pass.  The promises lovingly spoken to me to blossom to their fullest.  Writing these words suddenly makes the walls a brighter yellow and my heart beats a little faster feeling the anticipation of windows opening and doors being flung wide.

Ahh, fresh, sweet air coming to me on bright frilly breezes…… here in the Waiting Room.  🙂

Autumn and Birthdays

I have always loved Autumn – when in August you get that first smell of autumn coming – it’s in the air, the breeze, the leaves and the grass.  It’s just everywhere.  That fresh smell of crisp dying earthy things.  Ahhhh, sweet aroma.  I know it’s still hot in August when you first sense the coming of fall and still hot in September and part of October in some places, but that smell is still there just waiting for it’s full appearance when the air turns as crisp as a Granny Smith Apple!  Yum.

Autumn marks the time for the cider mills to open and sell their wonderful fresh pressed cider and apple doughnuts! Arg, I LOVE it!  Autumn also marks the time to pull out warmer clothes that are as comforting as a snuggly blanket AND SHOES!  Real shoes with real SOCKS!

Now for the most important time for me……. TADA!  My birthday!  I was born in October – the first half and I just love my birthday!  I love to celebrate everyone’s birthday actually.  But mine is the best.  I don’t even know why I feel that way.  When I was very young my mom did the usual kid parties – I don’t think they lasted too long into our growing up but I remember the friends coming and the decorations and her delicious marble cake with butter cream frosting!  And presents and the party dress with the petty coat that crinkled like paper and twirled really nice with my black shiny patent leather Mary Jane shoes!!!

But I haven’t had a party in YEARS – when I was 51 my husband threw a surprise party – that was nice.  But as the kids get older and have families and jobs and bills – I don’t get the presents or the cake (unless I make it) and definitely not the party dress!

I think it’s the nostalgic thoughts and memories combined with the autumn weather – a change of seasons – whatever it may be I just love my birthday!!!  So there!

Of course I always “hope” for the presents that I think should come – but they are more expensive now then ever and a bit far out – but one can always hope!

Yes, one can always hope and dream and remember ……. ahhhhh I love Autumn!

I’m Writing a Book

I know, I know. Some of you after reading my blog may think, why would SHE write a book. LOL
Because I’m suppose to. I even wrote chapter 1 today. So, those of you who hang out with Jesus please say a prayer for me because I do believe it is Him who (whom?) told me to write this book. It will be about loss and mostly HOPE.
It feels good and it feels right.
I was putting off starting this book until today when I left a meeting that exudes in Hope and a gal I somewhat know handed me a book that she wrote and self- published. As she placed it into my hands I heard, Here – she did it – so can you!
Truly an inspiration from God.
So, today begins the journey – the 13th of September, 2010.
Hope journey.

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet

It seems like the simplicity of the “Happy Days” (aka the 50’s) is gone. We called our Grandmother, Grandma. Grandfather, Grandpa.
My kids called their Grandmother, Grandma and Grandfather, Grandpa.
My first 3 grandchildren call me Uma and their Grandfather, Pop-Pop. The other side of the family is Nana and Grampy.
Second son and his wonderful wife to have a child (due next Spring) decided we needed to be called Mammy and Boompa.
To quote Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation – who was also called Boompa by one of his Grandchildren – “BOOM-Pa????”
I think my husband has a bit of a harder time than I do with the name choices. I tend to be a bit more creative and silly and fun loving of the out of the ordinary in life. Could my son have gotten that from me? Hmmmm.
First daughter-in-law called today to state that the first Grandchildren get to name us and Uma and Pop-Pop it is!
Let the games begin! This could be interesting. I think I will get some popcorn and hot chocolate and sit back and enjoy.
I love being a Grandma- Uma – Mammy. 😉


When I just typed in the title of this blog, I mistakingly left out the letter l…..Bogging appeared. Maybe that wasn’t a mistake. It’s been awhile since I “blogged” or “bogged” – that word – bog – can mean whatever the reader interprets it to be. Me, I take it as bogged down – pressed down. I’m still trying to get into this blogging thing.
I tried not to take it personally that no one reads this – LOL – I think just got over that.
Anyway – it’s been a VERY HOT summer in the land that I live in. And now the atmosphere is changing. Ahhh – I LOVE the Autumn/Fall. The air changes – it may still be hot but there is something different in the air. A kind of warmth that holds you in a cuddly sort of way. Hot cider and donuts pop into your mind and fires in the fire pit with cocoa are calling out to you. The windows are open all day and all night! Gosh, I love these feelings!
With the change of a season I always hope that I will change in some good way AND that perhaps I’ll “Blog” more whether anyone read them or not.
That’s all for now.

Faeries and Pies

OK.  I’m back after a few days.  There was a storm in our area on Sunday morning.  Hail, wind, RAIN, trees down and no power to many people.  We were fortunate because no trees landed in our yard (next door was worse) and our power was our for only 17 hours while some got it restored last night!

I said all that to let you know my excuse for not blogging until now – that and the fact that I laid to rest my iphone and had to spend time getting use to a blackberry – you know, it does you no good to tap the screen or run your fingers across it!

Faerie Pies.  Several years ago now I was blessed to work at a Victorian B&B in Cape May, NJ.  For a several year stretch the town was inundated with Irish young folks who came over to work hard all summer at the Jersey Shore (and party too by the looks of their recycle buckets each morning).  We had two such young ladies at the B&B.  I had made some cookies that particular morning for afternoon tea.  We made them small for a few different reasons.  One recipe was simply a shortbread type mini chocolate chip cookie covered in powdered sugar.  When the girls saw them one exclaimed, “Oh, you made faerie cakes!”  I do believe the size of the cookie gave way to that statement.  So ever since then I have called them Faerie Cakes.

Recently, here in the mid-west, I was asked to provide Pie for an open house at a local business.  They wanted individual pies.  So, using mini muffin pans I made hundreds of Faerie Pies.  They were a great hit, but I think when I referenced them as being Faerie Pies it didn’t go over very well.  Most of the customers seemed to be of a Christian background and Faeries had no place there or a very limited space in their minds. Mind you, this is just my assumption to their no reply blank look on their faces when faeries were mentioned.

I’m not a believer of faeries myself – sorry Tinkerbell, please don’t die – I have theories.  I do have an overactive imagination and let’s face it that is where faeries would dwell.  I do believe with all my heart that Jesus is my savior and faeries have nothing to do with my salvation.

I do however believe that people or people groups have seen such creatures – as to what they really are – well there are winged creatures that let humans see them from time to time – both the good and the evil.  We’ll leave faerie talk right there for now. 🙂

So, what does this have to do with pies?  Not much.  Just rambling thoughts. But one more thing – I really would like to think that faeries LOVE pie!

Why Pie?

OK – The reason behind me doing this blog.

I was greatly taken with the movie “Julie and Julia”.  The idea that someone would set out to cook 1 Julia Child meal a day for a year was fascinating and then blog about it.  Awesome idea!  I thought of making a pie a week – a pie a day is a bit much – but I haven’t quite decided yet.

Why pie?  Well there are a lot of reasons.  Let’s begin when my two youngest sons were in about 5th and 7th grades.  “What kind of cake do you want for your birthday” I asked my youngest.  “I want apple pie”, he replied, “never really liked birthday cake”.

Not like birthday cake?  How does one go through life not liking birthday cake?  Well, apple pie it was!

Many birthday pies later………. I find myself in a new era of life.  Kids all grown and out of the house.  Went through the loss of our only daughter.  Moved to mid-west leaving grand children on east coast.  Sigh.  So many changes.  What to do now?

Well, I realized I have a great amount of creative juices boiling in me and spending the last 6 years working for a police department (so black and white) I was ready to burst if I didn’t do SOMETHING creative.  I gave a lot of thought about what I would LOVE to do ……. draw, paint, make cards (which I CANNOT do without my daughter-in-law present), pursue music for the 1,000th time, bake, cook, raise dogs, crochet, knit, …… WAIT! Back up.  Bake.  I LOVE to bake.  I LOVE to bake pies!

I got nostalgic.  Our family seems to gather together and talk about food – especially right after we cooked and devoured an incredible meal – we talk about how we’ll cook it next time!  And pie comes up a lot.  I thought back to my child hood – baby boomer – and gatherings.  The following song was popular, I think prior to my existence, but I remember it as a child.  The lyrics follow:

Irving Berlin:

Why worry when skies are gray
Why should we complain
Let’s laugh at the cloudy day
Let’s sing in the rain
Songwriters say the storm quickly passes
That’s their philosophy
They see the world through rose-colored glasses
Why shouldn’t we?

Just around the corner
There’s a rainbow in the sky
So let’s have another cup o’ coffee
And let’s have another piece o’ pie!

Trouble’s just a bubble
And the clouds will soon roll by
So let’s have another cup o’ coffee
And let’s have another piece o’ pie

Let a smile be your umbrella
For it’s just an April show’r
Even John D. Rockefeller
Is looking for the silver lining

Mister Herbert Hoover
Says that now’s the time to buy
So let’s have another cup o’ coffee
And let’s have another piece o’ pie!

[Alternate Lines:]
Things that really matter
Are the things that gold can’t buy

Nice words, eh?  Whenever company came and mom made a pie it seemed to me, as a small insignificant observer in the room (seen but not heard), people were happier – much happier than if a cake was served!  Don’t get me wrong, unlike my children, I like birthday cake very much!  But pie seems to bring out the best in people.  Don’t know why but I am determined to find out on my pie making quest.

So, I will keep you “posted” on what I am doing with my pies.  So far I have created “Deb’s Chocolate Dream Pie” – a double chocolate pie served with Lime Sour Cream topping with a sprinkle of fresh cilantro on top!  Taste buds stand up and cheer for that one!

Until next time – Think Pie! 🙂

Found Jersey Blueberries in KC, MO!

OK – I say it a lot!

For my first “blog” entry – well, it’s a disaster! I have this compulsion in me that insists I must have the blog page all pretty and nice BEFORE I can make an entry. Well, that’s insane for me. Because I cannot figure out how to set things up and have called my son 2x already. He tells me to relax and have fun. When does the fun begin?
Not to mention we are having company in about 3 hours and I haven’t done much to ready us for that.
So, blogging ……. trying to take deep breaths ……. what is a tag, anyway? I think I need a dictionary or do they make Blogging for Dummies?

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