When I just typed in the title of this blog, I mistakingly left out the letter l…..Bogging appeared. Maybe that wasn’t a mistake. It’s been awhile since I “blogged” or “bogged” – that word – bog – can mean whatever the reader interprets it to be. Me, I take it as bogged down – pressed down. I’m still trying to get into this blogging thing.
I tried not to take it personally that no one reads this – LOL – I think just got over that.
Anyway – it’s been a VERY HOT summer in the land that I live in. And now the atmosphere is changing. Ahhh – I LOVE the Autumn/Fall. The air changes – it may still be hot but there is something different in the air. A kind of warmth that holds you in a cuddly sort of way. Hot cider and donuts pop into your mind and fires in the fire pit with cocoa are calling out to you. The windows are open all day and all night! Gosh, I love these feelings!
With the change of a season I always hope that I will change in some good way AND that perhaps I’ll “Blog” more whether anyone read them or not.
That’s all for now.

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