Creepy Basement

These things called tornadoes are a bit unnerving.  I actually asked my husband if we could move to Montana.  You never hear anything about Montana other then the beautiful giant sky.

But when you think about things – the west coast has earthquakes and rain and mudslides and floods.  The mid-west has tornadoes.  The south has them also now more then ever AND floods.  The east coast has outrageous hurricanes and now tornadoes.  So, I’ll stay put and ask God for peace in the storms.

Where we use to live we were required to have flood insurance.  So we got it and also considered seriously to get a small boat and tie it to our deck because our county was surrounded by water and much water in between.  Not to mention if they had to evacuate us it would take forever because we were situated on a peninsula with only 2 major roads out of the area – small roads.  So again, the prayer for peace.  Everywhere has it’s unnerving weather patterns and natural problems.

Peace and wisdom is what I need.  I have water saved in the basement and at the top of the stairs my purse, charged cell phone, flashlight, jacket, dog leash and snacks  are ready to take with me if I need to.  But the only problem is my basement is creepy.  My husband went down today and sprayed for spiders but I get the heebie – geebies down there.  So, the prayers for peace again because I would rather be with the spiders and other unseen creatures then sitting in the kitchen watching the “severe weather” come at me.

Peace to all,


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