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A fellow blogger that crossed my path a while ago has published a book.  It is full of truth and pain and her reality.  Her memoir.

I purchased this book through for my kindle.  I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.  But I had to.  I tend to feel the pain as I read and needed short breaks.  That is a GOOD thing.  Why?  Because we all have come from dysfunctional backgrounds.  But some faced harder things than we may have.  Or perhaps I should say different things in our past.

I never went hungry or was physically abused.  I had more of the verbal attacks and great loss and left to myself to heal.

As I read through Mary’s book, Running in Heels, I thought of people I have met over the years who had to endure great pain.  Is it fair – no.  But the way our God had his hand on her (and you, dear readers) through all the pain is fantastic.

This book is a great read for anyone.  For your heart – yes.  And for others you know  and those you will meet, it will be of great help.  A must read.

We all need to know that someone else has gone through what we are facing or have faced.  We all need to know that God was with us and is and will see us through.  Life is not easy, for anyone.  But it can be redeemed and turned around.

Thank you Mary for writing your memoir.

Running in Heels

check out her blog here                                                    heelshbk13

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Linkdin – LinkedIn……..

For the third time I thought I would look into LinkedIn –

Did I say third time?  It may be more.  I updated some things in my profile and scratched my head.  What?  What does all this mean?  I want to market myself and my blogging and other such things I do.  Google + is colorful and fun and I have a whopping big five people on there.  Facebook still rules and is still annoying, especially on my iPhone.  I get requests for LinkedIn – up until today I thought it was Linkdin – that just sets me off into giggles when I realized it was Linked-in.  Makes a little more sense now.

After spending about an hour trying to make myself look like I at least I am from an intelligent life-form I decided to google how to do this.  I actually put in LinkedIn for Dummies.  Yes, there is a book and I refused to buy it.  But further down the list was a video from 2008.  Cool.  It’s free and I’ve learned a lot of things on youtube.  Things like cutting my own hair to working my new cell phone and now this!  Score!  After about one minute and 32 seconds into this video and wiping the drool from the corner of my mouth I realized it still doesn’t make a lot of sense.  I find the site un-appealing to an artist’s eyes.  Google + is pretty and colorful.  But I actually have more connections on LinkedIn.  Go figure.

So, true to my personality and my annoying persistent ways – I will not give up.  And I welcome comments in plain baby boomer language of what exactly LinkedIn will do for me. Please!



cate b

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