You’ve Got A Friend

One of the beauties of humanity is when you find people of like mindedness. Kindred Spirits. Someone who thinks similar to you and even understands what you just told them. For me that seems few and far between. But when I find one it is like a bowl full of gems and jewels and chocolate!Continue reading “You’ve Got A Friend”

Join the Conversation

Hey All.  I have been participating at another blog site called Church Set Free.  Tomorrow, December 9th, all contributors will be bringing the same topic to the table.  “What does worship mean to you?” It will be fun and interesting and a diversity of thoughts.  Please join in and while you are there check outContinue reading “Join the Conversation”

Find Your Worship

I was struck deeply one day by a story I heard from a friend of mine.  It was about worship. I’m not talking about the act of worship, which I’m sure has different meanings to many of us.  Some think of the music portion of a church service or perhaps music that moves you deeply when alone with God.Continue reading “Find Your Worship”

No Boxes Please

How many boxes do we tend to put people in?  You know what I’m talking about……. They dress this way therefore they are…….. They talk this way, they must be……… They are homeless or over weight or have mud on their jeans.  Therefore……… We all do it.  How many boxes do you have for God?Continue reading “No Boxes Please”

How Can I Love Those I Don’t Understand?

When I was a young mom and involved in a church my husband just happened to pastor, I thought I was really something.  I thought that our decision for me to be a stay-at-home mom was the ultimate call of God on Christian mothers everywhere.  I actually had the mindset that all moms should be doing this. One day,Continue reading “How Can I Love Those I Don’t Understand?”

You Married Who?

The year was 1974, the month April, the day, the thirteenth.  I married my best friend who also happened to be my pastor.  We had spent the last couple of years ( a little longer for him) in a Christian Communal Ministry that studied and worked together and then were sent out to various citiesContinue reading “You Married Who?”

The Subject of Faith

faith |fāθ| noun 1 complete trust or confidence in someone or something : this restores one’s faith in politicians. 2 strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof. • a system of religious belief : the Christian faith. • a strongly held belief or theoryContinue reading “The Subject of Faith”