All the Fields Are Brown and The Sky is Gray

The winter has set in here, in The Burg.  Today we went for a drive.  We have been socked-in with clouds for about a month, or so it seems.  The sun is scarce and this is unusual. Once the beautiful colors of autumn have finished their glorious display of plumage, the browns and grays setContinue reading “All the Fields Are Brown and The Sky is Gray”

Where Are The Children?

Here are a few pics from Charles Dickens Day in the streets of The Burg.  The actual temperature wasn’t very cold, but the clouds and dampness made it feel much colder. Let’s just say it was rather Dickens-Like in it’s feel.  Very little happening on the street as I had envisioned it.  Where were theContinue reading “Where Are The Children?”

Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful….

What can I say.  I’m inside because: 1 – I have a cold bug 2 – It is dreadfully cold out there and not uncommon for this area, but too early. So, this is today’s blog….. until I feel better and less drugged. 😉 Enjoy!  Stay warm, or cool, where ever you are.   cateContinue reading “Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful….”