Cool As a Uke

To continue my love of the Ukulele……… my friend and I went to Guitar Center – and took the free Ukulele lesson they offered this month.

Let me backtrack a little.  Last week I went into our local Guitar Center to see if they had a gig bag for my ukulele.  In the parking lot I took a deep breath and quickly got into character.  You see, I’m sixty-one years old and if you have ever been in this chain store you know it is full of guitars and drums and amps and guys with long hair and probably REAL musicians.  I just wanted a gig bag for my Uke.  I was a bit intimidated.

I should not be intimidated because I have been playing the guitar since 1970 and can bang out some chords on a piano or keyboard and even played a little violin in my day – very little.  My brother played in bands and music filled our house often.  My four children are musicians – that I gave birth to.  I’m from New Jersey for crying out loud!  Bruce Springsteen territory!  But here I was in the parking lot of The Guitar Center where giant posters of – whoever they are – people like Steven Tyler and other dudes like him filling the window.  And in walks mom – or grandma.

Well, this young salesman comes up to me and asked if I needed help.  I stated I wanted a gig-bag for my ukulele.  You would have thought I was his best friend.  Not only did he have gig-bags but he played the Uke and loves it!  The stress melted off of me right there and we became fast friends.  So that is how I found out about the free ukulele lessons in the month of June.

Here we were in this class of about ten people of all ages surrounded by Peavy amps and an instructor full of fun and happiness.It was a beginner class and my friend and I were a bit more advanced – especially her.  I could at least tune my Uke to the iPhone app Ukulele tuner and I owned my own Uke.  This was forty-five minutes of fun and encouragement.  I recommend everyone who wants to play check with your local Guitar Center for upcoming lessons.

For your Saturday enjoyment ………


cate b

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