Day Eight and Still Breathing!

It has been eight days of blogging so far for the November Challenge.  I have to admit that it’s not as bad as I thought.  Getting the blogs written and posted has been the easy part.

The hard part, for me, has been the fear and self doubt that comes at me with a vengeance.It is hard for me to hit “Publish” and then not check the number of views obsessively.  I need to relax. If they find me then they find me.  I have followed and liked and commented on other blogs in order to meet new people and check out different styles of creativity AND to build my followers.  That has not been very successful for me – yet, and that is discouraging.  I know I pressure myself and that is not good.  I need to breathe and relax and just blog my heart out because I like it.  So why wouldn’t others like it?  Huh?  I laugh at myself when I say this because I think I’m funny to think that others should love me as much as I love me.  Hahahaha.  Such an ego.

So I am learning that to get you must give.  I must read more and comment more and encourage others more even if I hate them for being so popular.  Hate is a strong word – I really am happy for their success, just a little envious.  There.  I said it.  I am envious of all these talented younger people that understand the techie talk and the social media words and acronyms.  I have my generation’s traditions stuck in my head and I’m trying hard to change.  My sons help me with this but they make me sound like a social media bigot.  I’m so sorry for that.  I do not want to be that way.

I still have it in me that I must wear shoes after labor day and they must be brown or black or navy.  Then on Memorial Day I can wear lighter coloured shoes and sandals.  I don’t follow that rule but the words of my mother pop into my head each year on those days.  So forgive me for that.  I am trying to stay current and learn new things and am trying to understand why everyone wants an email or a text yet won’t answer them.?.?.?.

Now that I got that off my chest, I want to say that the blogging challenge has been very good for me.  I am getting disciplined and accepting the challenges as opportunities to grow in this wonderful world of internet writing.  It is fun.  I love meeting people from all over the world and all the creativity out there is awesome!

So, read mine and follow me and comment.  I like interaction.  I enjoy learning from all my readers.

Enjoy!Blog On

cate b


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