People You Can Meet in The Burg

I am mostly a homebody. I enjoy staying home and doing projects – reading, writing, breathing fresh air in the yard with my doggies, bird watching, photography, and so on…… But I also know that to remain open to life I need to get out and about. So yesterday I met up with a friendContinue reading “People You Can Meet in The Burg”


I am not very savvy on the etiquette of blogging, tweeting, FaceBooking, or whatever social media is out there.  I do know my way around my computer and can do a fair amount of techie stuff – for my age group.  But in reality, I am of the generation that was brought up to alwaysContinue reading “Responding/Commenting/Liking”

Blog Blog Blog, Blog, Blog

I do a lot of thinking about blogging.  Much more time is spent thinking about it than actually doing it.  That is a fault of mine.  I have talked to a few people I know who are in marketing or similar fields and they all tell me just about the same things.  See, I likeContinue reading “Blog Blog Blog, Blog, Blog”

Day 2 – I Need Air!

Well, here I am at Day Two of the  blog-a-day challenge.  Is it hot in here?  Someone open a window!  I had my coffee and my yummy homemade Kolaches (for a future blog) and now I am typing.  Several ideas ran through my brain all night and I decided to blog about a dreamContinue reading “Day 2 – I Need Air!”

Linkdin – LinkedIn……..

For the third time I thought I would look into LinkedIn – Did I say third time?  It may be more.  I updated some things in my profile and scratched my head.  What?  What does all this mean?  I want to market myself and my blogging and other such things I do.  Google +Continue reading “Linkdin – LinkedIn……..”

Happiness Runs

Have you noticed that the world is crying out for hope and happiness and just plain old positive things to think about?  It’s everywhere.  Wonderful positive and encouraging quotes on twitter, Facebook and pinterest. The other day I bogged about The Glad Game and Pollyanna ( see The Pollyanna Syndrome post on my page).  It’sContinue reading “Happiness Runs”