Liberate the Gnomes

This is a serious subject apparently.  I am going to be brutally honest with this post.  I have a fear of Gnomes.  Go ahead and laugh.  I happen to know several people who have a fear of clowns.  Clowns don’t bother me that much.  But Gnomes……..

It was a hidden fear.  A recent revelation.  And I owe that to first of all to the business (who shall remain nameless) who insists upon using a garden gnome as their mascot (?).  I guess it’s much like the agency who uses a gecko.  Anyway, that Gnome is creepy.  Don’t trust him.

As I researched for this post I came upon the father of all creepy Gnomes – yes, the “king”, if you will. I will post his picture here and I have to tell you that the caption under this picture has the word “creepy” in it.

I have discovered that Gnomes have quite a following.  I have a daughter-in-law who happens to like Gnomes – and she happens to make greeting cards with these creatures on them.  AND she takes delight in making said cards and sending them to me. If I were her I would sleep with one eye opened.  Because of the Gnomes, not because of me 😉

I came across a website titled: Free The Gnomes – Stop Oppressive Gardening – the official site in support of Garden Gnome Liberation.  I am serious. Here is the link:  I have a great respect for this site. They point out some pretty  intense stuff about Gnomes being enslaved in gardens across America.  I agree with them.  Set them free for crying out loud!

When I see them I can’t help but think of the Winter Queen in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and how she turned the woodland creatures to stone.  I even feel sad.  Especially when you see those that are in great need of repair and fresh paint.  Come on people.  If you are going to “keep” them in your gardens then at least take care of them properly.

I love the tales of faeries and leprechauns and Kings and Queens and Faery God Mothers and all the “Once Upon a Time” stories from old and I’m sure Gnomes have their proper place in them (although I think I recall them not being the friendliest of faery tale folk) but I’m still uncomfortable with their presence.  I’m trying to see the good in them and through my searchings I have come across a few friendly looking Gnomes.  Maybe I can warm up to them if my clown fearing friends can warm up to clowns.

This guy seems harmless and cute in a way – like Sleepy of the 7 Dwarfs.  BUT – I can’t help but think that when I walk away and I actually turn my back on them – well, they weren’t really sleeping, were they?  The image of Bilbo Baggins, when he sees “My Precious” again, and his face turns – well you know.  I think you saw it!

So goes my ramblings about Garden Gnomes.  Please do not send me any – they will be promptly returned or perhaps set free!

cb 😀

Faeries and Pies

OK.  I’m back after a few days.  There was a storm in our area on Sunday morning.  Hail, wind, RAIN, trees down and no power to many people.  We were fortunate because no trees landed in our yard (next door was worse) and our power was our for only 17 hours while some got it restored last night!

I said all that to let you know my excuse for not blogging until now – that and the fact that I laid to rest my iphone and had to spend time getting use to a blackberry – you know, it does you no good to tap the screen or run your fingers across it!

Faerie Pies.  Several years ago now I was blessed to work at a Victorian B&B in Cape May, NJ.  For a several year stretch the town was inundated with Irish young folks who came over to work hard all summer at the Jersey Shore (and party too by the looks of their recycle buckets each morning).  We had two such young ladies at the B&B.  I had made some cookies that particular morning for afternoon tea.  We made them small for a few different reasons.  One recipe was simply a shortbread type mini chocolate chip cookie covered in powdered sugar.  When the girls saw them one exclaimed, “Oh, you made faerie cakes!”  I do believe the size of the cookie gave way to that statement.  So ever since then I have called them Faerie Cakes.

Recently, here in the mid-west, I was asked to provide Pie for an open house at a local business.  They wanted individual pies.  So, using mini muffin pans I made hundreds of Faerie Pies.  They were a great hit, but I think when I referenced them as being Faerie Pies it didn’t go over very well.  Most of the customers seemed to be of a Christian background and Faeries had no place there or a very limited space in their minds. Mind you, this is just my assumption to their no reply blank look on their faces when faeries were mentioned.

I’m not a believer of faeries myself – sorry Tinkerbell, please don’t die – I have theories.  I do have an overactive imagination and let’s face it that is where faeries would dwell.  I do believe with all my heart that Jesus is my savior and faeries have nothing to do with my salvation.

I do however believe that people or people groups have seen such creatures – as to what they really are – well there are winged creatures that let humans see them from time to time – both the good and the evil.  We’ll leave faerie talk right there for now. 🙂

So, what does this have to do with pies?  Not much.  Just rambling thoughts. But one more thing – I really would like to think that faeries LOVE pie!

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