The Simple Things – Around The Burg

I have always loved nature. The wildlife especially. I love to look at images from around the world and feast my eyes on creatures I’ve never see. I love the diversity in this beautiful world.

I watched a series on Netflix that took place in Scotland. It wasn’t a nature series but a drama with comedy interlaced within. In one of the episodes there were cattle. Beautiful, hairy cattle that were vastly different from your typical American cattle. I learned they were Highland Cattle.

Always loving most anything Scottish, I had to google to see if by some chance a rancher in the state of Missouri was raising these fine specimens. I found some not very close by and even in some surrounding states. I mentally put it on my list of road trips in the future.

image from a google search - Highland Cattle
image from a google search – Highland Cattle
image from a google search - Highland Cattle
image from a google search – Highland Cattle
image from a google search - Highland Cattle
image from a google search – Highland Cattle

One day, a couple of weeks ago when the weather was warmer and no ice or snow in sight, my husband and I took off on a local country drive. We ended up on a highway that took us back toward our main highway. Nothing but farmland. It was brown and beautiful.

All of a sudden we saw some cattle lying in their pasture just chilling’ and enjoying the winter sun. I remember seeing their hairdo between some hefty horns and remarked that they were not your common beef seen in these here parts.

We turned around. Missouri is fond of no shoulders on these country roads and only ditches. Fortunately, there were no other vehicles on the road so we stopped. I expressed to my husband that they could possible be Highland Cattle from the bonnie banks of Scotland. I quickly shot some images from my husbands iPhone.

I couldn’t stop thinking about those cattle. I just love Highland Cattle and wanted to see them in person! It just makes me happy beyond words to feast my eyes on creation. Could they be? I asked a friend who happens to be a cattle person…..and he knew immediately that they were the ones I was looking for! As a matter of fact, he told me that his neighbor has a few Highland Cattle and I could come take pics of them.

Well, as soon as the cold weather that is now full of ice passes I will be out there!

Am I the only one who gets excited over things like this? The little things in life that come at the right moment. I call them gifts. Little gifts from above that make my heart glad. The simple gifts in life that let me know there is someone who knows me more than I know me. That someone who watches over me and cares enough to lead us down a country road so I can see cattle!

Such love.

Missouri Highland Cattle
Missouri Highland Cattle

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Cate B

Thinking Too Small

I’ve mentioned before that I have a passion for seeing people progress into their destiny. ¬†For seeing their potential and hopefully I can encourage them to get there.

I am not a professional in that area. ¬†Heck, I don’t even know what to call it. ¬†It’s something that I can do.

Let me tie the title of this post and the paragraphs above, together.  Bear with me on my thoughts here.

Today, I went to a function in our lovely town. ¬†It was a Christmas event where people dressed as characters from Dicken’s era. ¬†Some set up in shop windows weaving a basket or drinking tea, etc. ¬†Some were on the streets strolling around town. ¬†Some were singing Christmas Carols and some were carrying instruments to local businesses. ¬†There was a cart pulled by two horses that you could ride in around the town. ¬†There is to be a tree decoration and lighting in about an hour.

All great ideas but poorly attended. ¬†The very dreary weather and penetrating dampness could have been a factor. ¬†We went into the old courthouse building, mostly to get warm, but some students/faculty from University of Missouri encouraged us to go inside for a hot drink and cookies. ¬†We did, apprehensively. ¬†You see, our town is a University town. ¬†But not for University of Missouri. ¬†We have UCMUniversity of Central Missouri. ¬†We went in and I asked the people if they knew they were in Mules territory. ¬†We all laughed. ¬†I was secretly trying to scare them. ¬†No where did we see recruiting for our beloved UCM. ¬†Just a banner on the courthouse lawn. ūüôā

Now, I know I’m new to town and I am still new to the way of thinking of the Mid-West. ¬†I admit that. But I just couldn’t help it,¬†as I walked around I saw potential. ¬†I saw potential¬†in the community, the locals, the ones not even connected to the University. ¬†I realize that towns in the midwest are likely not to be connected geographically – there are a lot of farms out there – like a vast ocean between towns. ¬†But The Burg is the county seat. ¬†I could see building up this type of event to the point where more people will want to come.

So now, where I’m really going with this. ¬†It got me thinking about my own life and potential. ¬†I think too small. ¬†I get ideas of things I can do or see others with their ideas and then I get discouraged. ¬†I actually talk myself out of those dreams and desires and ideas. ¬†They look too gigantic and just down-right impossible. ¬†But are they?

I do not see the whole picture.  I do not see the hows and the whens.  I give up way too easy.  I think most of us do.

I also have a firm belief that my dreams and desires do not start with me. ¬†They start with the God that I put trust and faith and anchor my hoper in. ¬†But do I really believe that? ¬†I confess right now, that when I doubt and talk myself out of pursuing my desires and dreams, that I do not believe that they can happen. ¬†That’s not good. ¬†I’m my own worst enemy.

What makes me doubt?  The delays mostly.  I read an encouraging post today from a fellow blogger here:

This part shined right out at me: “For the longer payment is withheld, the better for you. Compound interest is this law‚Äôs greatest benefit. While you wait consider it an investment in your character.”

Payment being what I dream and desire……my character is being greatly invested in.…. if I let that happen. ¬†We really need to stop looking at delays and discouragement as failures. ¬†Failures should be the very instrument that makes us succeed. ¬†We need to get a new perspective on our life. ¬†Many great people will tell you of their failings and how they were necessary. ¬†We do not see the whole picture of our life – we just don’t. ¬†But we can gain a new perspective. ¬†A higher view, so to speak. ¬†A God’s – eye – view.

I can do this. ¬†I can dream and I can slow down and gain new perspective. ¬†I can also encourage others that I see doubting and floundering around, on the verge of giving up. ¬†Let’s help ourselves to rise up to new heights and let’s help those around us. ¬†Every human being has potential to be great.

I’ll leave with this thought. ¬†From the movie, Saving Mr. Banks, the main character, PL Travers, handed her driver (Ralph) a piece of paper for his daughter (who was disabled). ¬†The paper had a list of names on one side:

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Even with their deficiencies, these people succeeded to greatness.

Now Let’s go!

cate b

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