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A Touch of Paradise – My Indoor Garden

In 2007 my husband and I went to Kauai.  Oh. My.  Hawaii is truly beautiful.  We left the Philadelphia Airport with a light snow on the ground and landed in Paradise.  The fresh breeze were heavenly.

It was in Kauai that I fell in love with Plumeria .  I could devour the scent until it permeates every cell in my body so that wherever I walked I would leave prints of deliciousness.

Well, we moved to the mid-west in 2009.  About two summers ago I was at an acquaintances house, and there, in her backyard were several tall sticks of plants with leaves on the top and beautiful flowers popping upward.  I grabbed her and asked what they were.  I knew already but I needed her to say it.

Plumeria“, she stated, “I picked up a stick at the Honolulu Airport years ago and now I have several plants”.  She handed me a pot with a stick and leaves on the top.  It was mine.  I promptly named her Leilani.

A dear friend in Florida, whose husband is an avid gardener of tropical plants, showed me pics of hers and shared what fertilizer to use.  I was nervous. I live in Missouri and the winters are so cold – even in the house at night.

I prayed for Leilani often.  She began to grow taller.  Some leaves would drop and others always came in new.  We went to Florida shortly after that to visit my brother.  I left Leilani in the hands of our house/dog sitter and told him that if hail or tornados were in the forecast she must come inside.  He took care of her well.

While in Florida, I ended up with Sandra Dee, a Pony Tail Palm.  I also acquired a Hindu Rope Plant that I quickly named Slumdog Millionaire – after one of my favorite movies.  And to top  it all off – my friend and her gardener husband gave me a Plumeria that had three branches – I named her Carman Miranda. The back seat of the rental care was a jungle!  I was thrilled.

These plants are my indoor piece of Paradise.  I love it.  Last year Leilani bloomed for the first time.  Carmen Miranda has yet to bloom, but I’m rooting for her!  Spring came slowly this year but they are now on the front porch since temps are steadily in the sixties.  And yes, when hail is coming I bring them in the house!

Here are my babies:

Slumdog Millionaire - he will get better now that he is outside

Slumdog Millionaire – he will get better now that he is outside

Sandra Dee

Sandra Dee

Carman Miranda

Carman Miranda



You must know that both the plumeria lost ALL of their leaves in the fall.  I tried not to panic.  They remained naked all  winter but grew in height.  Then the leaves came back int the spring.  I was very pleased.

This next pic is Trini Lopez.  I threw some lemon seeds from my water last year into a pot of dirt – Tada!  Hope he grows well.

Trini Lopez

Trini Lopez

And my last picture came from my daughter-in-law.  She knows I fear Garden Gnomes.  I need one of these:



So, if one of your dreams is to have tropical plants and you live in Alaska or Missouri.  You CAN do it!  Have a great weekend and watch out for the Garden Gnomes!


cate b


Liberate the Gnomes

This is a serious subject apparently.  I am going to be brutally honest with this post.  I have a fear of Gnomes.  Go ahead and laugh.  I happen to know several people who have a fear of clowns.  Clowns don’t bother me that much.  But Gnomes……..

It was a hidden fear.  A recent revelation.  And I owe that to first of all to the business (who shall remain nameless) who insists upon using a garden gnome as their mascot (?).  I guess it’s much like the agency who uses a gecko.  Anyway, that Gnome is creepy.  Don’t trust him.

As I researched for this post I came upon the father of all creepy Gnomes – yes, the “king”, if you will. I will post his picture here and I have to tell you that the caption under this picture has the word “creepy” in it.

I have discovered that Gnomes have quite a following.  I have a daughter-in-law who happens to like Gnomes – and she happens to make greeting cards with these creatures on them.  AND she takes delight in making said cards and sending them to me. If I were her I would sleep with one eye opened.  Because of the Gnomes, not because of me 😉

I came across a website titled: Free The Gnomes – Stop Oppressive Gardening – the official site in support of Garden Gnome Liberation.  I am serious. Here is the link: http://www.freethegnomes.com/.  I have a great respect for this site. They point out some pretty  intense stuff about Gnomes being enslaved in gardens across America.  I agree with them.  Set them free for crying out loud!

When I see them I can’t help but think of the Winter Queen in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and how she turned the woodland creatures to stone.  I even feel sad.  Especially when you see those that are in great need of repair and fresh paint.  Come on people.  If you are going to “keep” them in your gardens then at least take care of them properly.

I love the tales of faeries and leprechauns and Kings and Queens and Faery God Mothers and all the “Once Upon a Time” stories from old and I’m sure Gnomes have their proper place in them (although I think I recall them not being the friendliest of faery tale folk) but I’m still uncomfortable with their presence.  I’m trying to see the good in them and through my searchings I have come across a few friendly looking Gnomes.  Maybe I can warm up to them if my clown fearing friends can warm up to clowns.

This guy seems harmless and cute in a way – like Sleepy of the 7 Dwarfs.  BUT – I can’t help but think that when I walk away and I actually turn my back on them – well, they weren’t really sleeping, were they?  The image of Bilbo Baggins, when he sees “My Precious” again, and his face turns – well you know.  I think you saw it!

So goes my ramblings about Garden Gnomes.  Please do not send me any – they will be promptly returned or perhaps set free!

cb 😀