Love is the Key

This season of my life has been hard. I lost my best pup the beginning of November and then came to the close of semester as I wrapped up caring for our youngest grand daughter. I was grieving. Big time. I had cared for our granddaughters for the most of the last five years ofContinue reading “Love is the Key”

A Hard Road to Travel – Happy Chinese New Year

It was late January of 2005.  Our family was grieving the loss of our daughter.  Her memorial was on the 17th of January (you can read our loss journey here –  Darkest Day).  A dear friend looked at us and said, “Don’t you dare cancel your trip to China or I will drive you thereContinue reading “A Hard Road to Travel – Happy Chinese New Year”

The Bruises of Life

Another tragedy for America – The Boston Marathon Bombings.  With each disaster that hits our nation comes a twinge of pain, as in an old wound that acts up from time to time.  When we experienced first hand a great loss in our family (see Prisoner of Hope series on this blog) it brought aContinue reading “The Bruises of Life”

Prisoner of Hope – The Beauty

part 11 ……. The thing about hope is, it is always there.  Just within reach whether we want it or not.  Everyone hopes.  We hope for good weather and we hope for a great day, we hope for so many things.  But, to me, real true hope is not wishing.  It goes so much deeperContinue reading “Prisoner of Hope – The Beauty”

Prisoner of Hope – Know You Are Loved

part 9 ……. I’ve had a heavy heart all week.  Our daughter’s birthday was last Saturday, the 27th of October. She would have been 36 years old. But that is not the entire reason for my heavy heart.  We still wish her a happy birthday and she is in our thoughts all day long.  ButContinue reading “Prisoner of Hope – Know You Are Loved”

Prisoner of Hope – The ‘What Ifs’

part 7 ……. ‘What If?’  That is one of the age-old questions isn’t it?  It can be comical when we go off into our imaginative worlds and day-dream of things if they were different: What if there was an actual money tree? What if bee’s produced butter? What if yahoo was called yagoo? What ifContinue reading “Prisoner of Hope – The ‘What Ifs’”

Prisoner of Hope – Remembering

part 6 ……. We named our daughter Vanessa Joy.  Vanessa has a root meaning of butterfly.  She loved butterflies.  She drew them, she wrote about them and when she would give me gifts they mostly consisted of butterflies – a pair of butterfly earrings, for example.  As a matter of fact, the last gift sheContinue reading “Prisoner of Hope – Remembering”

Prisoner of Hope – Grief – Like Catching a Wave

    Part 3 ……. Grieving is a strange thing.  I’ve always thought of it only associated with death.  But as life revolved around me I began to see that there is a lot more to it then I thought. When my children began to leave home I noticed a loss, of sorts.  The firstContinue reading “Prisoner of Hope – Grief – Like Catching a Wave”