Prisoner of Hope – The Five Steps

part 8 ……. The following is written by my son, Jonathan.  He is our oldest and just 20 months older than his sister. Grieving The Five Steps **************** Denial There is a possibility A slight improbability That she is alive and safe From this catastrophe Anger God, I feel betrayed This just isn’t fair ThatContinue reading “Prisoner of Hope – The Five Steps”

Prisoner of Hope – Grief – Like Catching a Wave

    Part 3 ……. Grieving is a strange thing.  I’ve always thought of it only associated with death.  But as life revolved around me I began to see that there is a lot more to it then I thought. When my children began to leave home I noticed a loss, of sorts.  The firstContinue reading “Prisoner of Hope – Grief – Like Catching a Wave”