Everybody Has Something To Say

It’s been a while since I posted a blog.  I had a grandiose idea to write a blog a day, much like people take a “photo a day”.  Well, I hope the photographers are doing better than I am.  It’s hard to write something every day.  There are days that I think I have nothing to say.  How can that be?

Everybody has something to say.  Yes, EVERYBODY.  I truly believe that.  I grew up thinking I had nothing of any importance to say.  Therefore, I was extremely quiet and withdrawn.  As I grew up and began to walk on that road to discover who I was and what “made me tick” I began to talk, to express myself.  It was hard at first and after years have gone by and I now know more of who I am it can be still hard in some ways.

There is always going to be some circumstance or even some person who blocks you from being heard.  That’s life.  We live in an imperfect world.  We need to surround ourselves with people who want to hear us.  Those friends and family who truly have a love for us and who can see past our imperfections and see who we really are.  The ones that see our potential.  They also see our strong points and our weak points but love and encourage us just the same. They listen to our dreams and push us forward to get there.   I love those people.  I also want really bad to be one of those people to others.  Really bad.  I want to listen to their dreams and tell them they can do it!  Because I really believe they can.

This last week I found a long ago High School friend.  One of the few I had and one of the best.  We connected on FB – of all places – hearing from her took me back to the days of High School where it was painful to be heard.  But she heard me.  And now we have families and have gone through great growing pains seperate from each other and I see how much she has grown into who she was made to be and I’m proud.  Yes, actually proud to have been a part of her life long ago and even more proud to have her back in my life.  Thank you JP if you read this!  You are awesome!

I have many words bubbling up in me about this subject right now.  I’ll keep it simple.  I believe that the One who made me knew all those growing pains I would go through and who would be in my path along the way.  He knew how hard it would be at times but He also sees my potential and knew I would come through.  I thank Him daily for watching over me and getting me to where I am today.  I plan on helping many others to see their potential too.  There is something so sweet when you come to realize you really CAN do that thing you so desire to accomplish.  Don’t give up.  There is so much more for YOU.

Keep Dreaming.


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