Seasons Go Round and Round

Here I am again trying to blog.  This has been a hard season for me.  Seems like my husband and are are in a transitional period of our life.  That simply means that we are waiting for some things to fall into place so we can move on into the next season of our life.  I hate waiting.  I really do.  I’m the type of person who likes to see motion.  I like to see progression.  There are times that I do wait and it is nice to me but during those “nice” times I can also see progress.  This particular time I am having a hard time seeing progress.  Therefore it is hard for me to wait.

Part of faith is not seeing what is behind the scenes and going forward anyway.  I am trying my best to wait because I know that the season will change and I will see what we have been waiting for.  And it will be good.  That I know.  How do I know?  I’ve been through this many times in my sixty-two years of life and it does change.  I also have faith in a God and His promises, and His promises speak of things changing and coming to an end.  But I also know that the waiting sucks.  I am not good at waiting.  I get antsy and I get down right mean if I let myself.  And I do let myself.  It’s those times of mean-ness that I literally have to stop what I am doing and take a really deep breath and slowly let it out.  I express my feelings to the only one I know who can handle my mean-ness.  That is God himself.  He has really big shoulders.

We do have a really good thing in our lives recently and that is the birth of another grandchild last week!  That is a very good thing – life in the midst of what feels like darkness!  Can’t do any better than that.

So in these times of waiting, whatever you are waiting for, take the time to examine what is your hope is anchored in.  If you anchor your hope into the change then you may be in for a rough wait.  It has to be deeper.  There is nothing wrong with desiring the things of this life unless you put your hope in them.  They can’t hold an anchor.  Has to go deeper.  Mine is Jesus and His friendship to me;  The Father God who holds and loves me no matter how mean I am; Holy Spirit who comes and teaches me and guides me through the waiting.  They have a much higher perspective than I and can see not only my season of waiting but they see the end and it is good.

So, here is a song for you: 

Enjoy the season you are in and learn all you can from it.

cate b



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