Prisoner of Hope – The Colors of Hope

part 12 …….  I have a friend who loves to tell stories of hope.   They’re the kind of stories where you could sit back and close your eyes and see yourself in your daddy’s lap, holding onto every word, feeling safe and secure.  No matter how many times I hear his stories I getContinue reading “Prisoner of Hope – The Colors of Hope”

Prisoner of Hope – The Beauty

part 11 ……. The thing about hope is, it is always there.  Just within reach whether we want it or not.  Everyone hopes.  We hope for good weather and we hope for a great day, we hope for so many things.  But, to me, real true hope is not wishing.  It goes so much deeperContinue reading “Prisoner of Hope – The Beauty”

Prisoner of Hope – Remembering

part 6 ……. We named our daughter Vanessa Joy.  Vanessa has a root meaning of butterfly.  She loved butterflies.  She drew them, she wrote about them and when she would give me gifts they mostly consisted of butterflies – a pair of butterfly earrings, for example.  As a matter of fact, the last gift sheContinue reading “Prisoner of Hope – Remembering”

Prisoner of Hope – Hope

part 4 ……. I was thinking about what to write next when a memory popped up from many years ago.  Our family was living in a small community when a local young man committed suicide.  It was devastating. We attended the memorial with most of the town in attendance.  The young youth pastor who spokeContinue reading “Prisoner of Hope – Hope”

Prisoner of Hope – Grief – Like Catching a Wave

    Part 3 ……. Grieving is a strange thing.  I’ve always thought of it only associated with death.  But as life revolved around me I began to see that there is a lot more to it then I thought. When my children began to leave home I noticed a loss, of sorts.  The firstContinue reading “Prisoner of Hope – Grief – Like Catching a Wave”

Prisoner of Hope – Foggy Days

Part 2 ……. The next twenty-four hours where as though I walked in a fog.  A thick, tangible fog.  I could function but felt as though I was going in circles.  Many friends and acquaintances  came by or called to let us know they were praying that our daughter would be found safe.  Working atContinue reading “Prisoner of Hope – Foggy Days”