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Spring Time Around The Burg 2016

We are having a lovely Spring in The Middle this year. Perfect temperatures. Not quite enough rain but a bit here and there.

We enjoyed a drive yesterday in the country toward a town called Calhoun and onward to Warsaw, Missouri located on a portion of Truman Lake. We had a late breakfast at The Rusty Skillet.

Here are some pics – taken from my iPhone6 but recognizable. ūüėÄ

Enjoy! Cate B

Still Winter Around The Burg

It’s the last week of February with an extra day attached. Still drab in color but nature is alive. Spring is just around the corner and colors will return.

Here’s the beef…….

Enjoy your weekend!

Cate B


Mid-West Skies

Since we moved to the mid-west I never get tired of looking at the vastness of the sky.  I know the sky can be seen almost anywhere but when you spend years of marveling at the ocean, as I did, and you move to where there is no ocean, the sky becomes your ocean.  It is amazing.

Today I was struck with the clear quality and the deep blue…….

“Your unfailing love, O LORD, is as vast as the heavens; your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds.” ¬†Psalm 36:5

IMG_2538 IMG_2542

Enjoy! ¬†And USA (states that do this) don’t forget to fall back one hour when you go to bed tonight! ūüėÄ

cate b

Lions Lake

Hello All.

This Autumn is so fresh and slightly crisp around The Burg. ¬†We get some color changes in the trees but really don’t have enough of those gorgeous Maple Trees that Vermont is famous for. ¬†But our trees still change and I love it.

Here are some snaps of our walk around Lions Lake this morning.

and a video of the geese…..


cate b

Autumn is Coming to The Burg

I must have several posts swimming around in my mind that I could write about…..

BUT, it is autumn and my most favorite time of year.  Therefore, I daydream way too much and enjoy more drives around our lovely town.

So here you go.  We found this unpaved road just out of town and went exploring today.


cate b

More Sunflowers

I posted the other day Field of Dreams.  I loved seeing the sunflowers so much that I packed up a lunch and diapers and potty chair and husband and took our grand daughters to see them.

The pictures say it all.


cate b

No Boxes Please

How many boxes do we tend to put people in? ¬†You know what I’m talking about…….

They dress this way therefore they are……..

They talk this way, they must be………

They are homeless or over weight or have mud on their jeans. ¬†Therefore………

We all do it. ¬†How many boxes do you have for God? ¬†We all do that also. ¬†God is this way and that way and all the things we can come up with that fits our own¬†theology. ¬†This scripture says this and this one says that and it’s as plain and black and white as can be……..¬†I had God in all kinds of boxes.¬†¬†Boxes that I made and boxes that others made for me and stuffed me in them with their God.

He held me and He talked to me and told me who I was when I was created.  He told me when I was ready to listen.  Slowly I took Him out of the boxes and crushed them and tossed them to the curb.  I took myself out of those boxes even slower and crushed them and threw them to the curb.

Everyday is an adventure and a new day. ¬†Everyday those boxes try to make their way back into my life…… pretty ones that tempt me into using them. ¬†NO! ¬†No More Boxes!

Today, after we picked up our grand girls, we stopped by a park that had a¬†butterfly garden. ¬†Or so I thought. ¬†It was a conservation area – a small prairie. ¬†we walked around the garden and read the names of various plants and then we saw a trail in the tall prairie grass. ¬†No stopping me…….

Hubby, myself and a four year old and an almost two year old (both girls in dresses) started walking on the trail.  Long prairie grass slapped us in the face, in our mouths, on our legs.  Bees were buzzing and grasshoppers hopping.  I was in my element.  Two in our group were not.  One complained and got stuck by a tiny thorn.  One kept saying we were lost.  But two of us were smiling and looking and enjoying ourselves to the max.

Can you guess which two had the most fun? Ready?  I was one and the almost two year old was the other.

At the end of our walk, back in the garden, we saw a monarch butterfly.  They girls were fascinated by it.  I leaned over and put out my hand and he walked right onto it.  That blew their minds.  The littlest one wanted to hold it so bad but I new to put him back to safety.  Next year.

My husband and I were discussing this walk on the way home. ¬†We believe that God is right there involved in our conversations – no boxes here – my husband wanted to be prepared for the walk. ¬†I can get that in some ways. ¬†But I talked about being spontaneous or flexible. ¬†We should be spontaneous in our walk with God. ¬†We think He is spontaneous but He sees the whole picture from beginning to end. ¬†He has a birds eye view, so to speak. ¬†We just need to trust Him. ¬†He knew we weren’t lost and He knew we weren’t going to get attacked by jungle thorns or whatever.

Spontaneity and flexibility must come out of our boxes.  If we want to trust God with our lives and have that fantastic relationship with Him with no holds barred then that is one box we need to empty and crush and toss to the curb for pick up.

I challenge you to look at the boxes you have made for yourself and God and others. ¬†It’s a constant journey. ¬†But can be fulfilled and awesome —— if we allow ūüėČ

I foolishly left my camera home but here is an image of prairie flowers:



cate b

Field of Dreams

Yesterday my husband and I took a drive – we do that a lot. ¬†I just love getting into the surrounding countryside to see what I can see. ¬†I know I’m not the best photographer and my camera needs an upgrade, but I just love trying to capture what I see.

the drive started out with lovely cotton ball clouds

the drive started out with lovely cotton ball clouds

more cotton ball clouds

more cotton ball clouds

It has been a desire of mine to see a sunflower field.  We tried, a month ago on a trip to Kansas, to find one.  After all, the sunflower is the state flower of Kansas.  But yesterday we went off into the countryside looking for a Missouri State Conservation Area that I came across on Google that shared our last name РBryson.

We were only about thirty minutes from home and couldn’t find the area. ¬†My husband wanted to turn back but I wanted to go a little further. I love going the extra mile – the adventure of the unknown.

As we turned the bend in the road we spotted a large field full of yellow.  Do I dare to hope?  As we got closer this is what we saw:

field of yellow

field of yellow


We were thrilled beyond words! ¬†I wanted to go a little further and then turn around and go back and get out of the Jeep to get closer pictures…… But there was a side road up ahead (not paved) that ran along the side of the field. ¬†There was another car there already taking pictures. ¬†We pulled over and here is what I captured:

DSCF8619 DSCF8621 DSCF8624 (1) DSCF8626 DSCF8627 DSCF8628

Isn’t it amazing?? ¬†We were so blessed. ¬†It got better – thanks to my adventure spirit – we kept going on the gravely dirt road. ¬†The unknown. ¬†And guess what? ¬†We found our Conservation Field:

DSCF8637 DSCF8638 DSCF8644

Made our day!


cate b ūüėÄ