Motivation, Where Art Thou???

Today in the mid-west, the Kansas City area to be precise, it is humid and cloudy and spring rain showers upon us now and then.  It reminds me of the Jersey Shore (the geographical location – not to be confused with any TV shows).

Do you know what that means?  It means I have totally acclimated to The Middle – I now feel the humidity.  I love it to some degree.  It reminds me of summer mornings and daydreaming.  Hoping it will clear enough to go to the beach…….. Wake up!  No beach here.  The lake beach won’t be open this early in May.

I’m suppose to be blogging.  I did the dishes and took a shower and perused Facebook at least three times – nothing new that I can see.  I listened to Lesson One of my French Audio Lessons – still don’t have it down – Spanish keeps popping in the way.  I crack myself up.

Yes, I'm Trying
Yes, I’m Trying

I started another post about four days ago and it is saved in drafts.  I began and saved yet another prior to washing the dishes.  I want to remain true to my reasons for blogging, meaning the subject matter I love, but sometimes that can be hard – my mind starts questioning every idea I get, every word I type.

Sigh, so on this very humid, very lazy, very questioning day in The Middle of the USA, I sit and I type while I listen to Iz sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Perhaps I’ll blog tomorrow………


Ukulele Lady
Ukulele Lady

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