The Beginning of The End

Today marks the end of the thirty day blogger challenge.  Yay!  I did it.  Today they have a suggested Daily Prompt:  Tell us how you feel about endings. Endings.  Let’s see, there is an old saying, “All good things must come to an end”.  Heard that one all my life and today I thought about it.Continue reading “The Beginning of The End”

USA Thanksgiving

I know the internet is being bombarded right now with blogs and such of Thanksgiving and being Thankful posts.  I don’t always feel compelled to join the crowd…… but here goes. While skimming through posts and Facebook I saw someone ask what is the American Thanksgiving all about?  It has definitely lost a good portionContinue reading “USA Thanksgiving”

There Is a First Time for Everything

Here it is, the Tuesday before America’s Thanksgiving Day holiday.  Guess what I did yesterday?  It is something I have NEVER done in my entire life!  I decorated for Christmas.  Yes I did.  I put away the fall decorations and hauled out my Christmas ones.  I have no idea what got into me since IContinue reading “There Is a First Time for Everything”

Black Friday

Next Friday is what we call Black Friday.  It is the day after our yearly Thanksgiving celebration where Americans gather to give thanks and eat a lot of food.  Schools do little skits about Pilgrims and Native Americans sharing foods, etc.  It also marks the beginning of the Christmas season to many.  Well, it useContinue reading “Black Friday”

Dear Eve – Letter to a Friend

Here you will find a letter to Eve.  Eve is my Macbook – named after Eve from the movie Wall-E. Dear Eve, There has been great joy in our home since you joined our family the beginning of 2009.  We did away with bulky, space taking PC’s and replaced them with just you.  Two peopleContinue reading “Dear Eve – Letter to a Friend”

Sarcasm – Old Habits Die Hard

Most who were born and raised in the north east of the USA are familiar with sarcasm.  That was me.  My familiarity was one of hurtful remarks coming from a family member.  I learned the language of sarcasm quite well and it goes hand-in-hand with humor.  The use of this language got me into aContinue reading “Sarcasm – Old Habits Die Hard”