Snakes in the Yard!

The last dream I had of snakes involved me picking one up by the tail and swinging it around like a lasso and then smashing it’s head against a building.

Last night I had a dream about snakes and I was not a Ninja Snake Killer.  I was in my yard with my sons (who were young boys again) and I was about to fill in a hole in the yard when I saw a snake.  Then they pointed out the snakes that were all over the yard!  One was a coppery colour and naturally I thought it was a copperhead, since we have them here in the mid-west.  The others I believed to be harmless garter snakes.  But the copperheads were eating the garter snakes!  I held a shovel and thought I could be that Ninja Snake Lady again.  The snakes were attacking us and I was horrified!!!!  I totally panicked and was a weak hysterical person.  Needless to say, I woke up.  Thank God!

I’m not really afraid of snakes but usually I keep my distance until they are identified.  There.  I had this nightmare and had to share it with you.  I looked up the pic of a copperhead this morning and the snake in my dream was not.  Comforting – NOT!  I’m just glad it is winter and we shouldn’t see any snakes until spring.



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Day 2 – I Need Air!

Well, here I am at Day Two of the  blog-a-day challenge.  Is it hot in here?  Someone open a window!  I had my coffee and my yummy homemade Kolaches (for a future blog) and now I am typing.  Several ideas ran through my brain all night and I decided to blog about a dream I had………..

I would classify this as a very short nightmare.  I thought I heard my phone give off the short, melodious alert that someone had either liked or followed or commented on my WordPress site.  I started to awaken when I heard a male voice, very close to my ear say, “I’m really tired of you posting all this stuff.  It’s too much.  We’re sick of it.”  Needless to say I woke up all the way in a mild sweat.  Who was that?  I knew he was talking about Facebook because I, once again, posted yesterday about my blog asking my “friends” to like my site and even follow – because you like me.  They don’t even have to read it.  I just wanted support and encouragement.  My closest friends responded positively to me, as they always do.  That was it.

I’m old enough to know that Facebook is not and cannot be my only social life. I also know that the way it is set up most people probably don’t even notice my posts.  I miss many life changing events from FB friends because they slip by me in that crazy news feed (which I swear only posts what they want me to see not what my settings say).  But really?  If this is the new socializing?   I love this technology and social networking thing.  But we, as human beings, really need contact with others – even if it’s just hitting a like button or a one word encouragement.  That’s all.  I really prefer being “behind the screen” rather than out in the crowd.  That is easy for me, but I am human.

So back to the dream.  After I awoke I checked my phone.  Nothing from WordPress or Facebook attacking my attempt as a writer. Relief!  I knew then that old voice of the devil on my shoulder was attacking me and my insecurities.  Blah! to you devil!  I shall prevail!  The ninja in me awakened and here is my Day 2!

Please know that I love all my Facebook friends and I’m sure I’ve offended some by not responding – it’s most likely because I missed your posts!  But if you read this I really would like a little support – I have done it for many and hope to continue.  (except I hate political posts – LOL)

So, on that note, I have a weekend song for you from one of my favorite bands – Five Iron Frenzy –


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