The Sound of Silence

I decided to post ten sounds that I absolutely love. Here goes…… *  the sound of ocean waves crashing *  the sound of an owl in the middle of a quiet night – hoot *  the giggles of grandchildren *  the sound of rain on the awnings outside my window *  the sound of foodContinue reading “The Sound of Silence”

The Sky is Our Ocean

When I moved to the Mid-West I left my ocean behind.  I had to find a new view to contemplate and draw ideas from. The sky in the Mid-West is endless.  It changes everyday and sometimes by the minute.  Storms fascinate me here and the fear I had of lightning has subsided.  Although, I doContinue reading “The Sky is Our Ocean”

Road Trip!

Two weeks ago my husband and I plopped ourselves in the back seat of our son’s car.  Road Trip!  We were heading to the east coast, a two day drive.  We were greeted with, “Are you ready?  Let’s go!”, spoken by our lovely two year old grand daughter, Lucy.  She was so excited.  Of courseContinue reading “Road Trip!”