I Can See Clearly Now ……..

Funny thing about eyesight …….. I like it.

I was using an old pair of glasses for the last six months or more.  I was using them because my most recent prescription glasses broke – really broke and were very scratched.

Now I need to tell you about the prescription.  I have been wearing progressive lens for several years now.  They help me to both see distance and read up close with no lines as in bifocals.  I adjusted quickly to them when I first started wearing them.

Well, about five years ago I got a new pair – the ones that are now scratched and broken.  Yes, five years ago.  THAT IS BAD.  I do not know why I waited this long.  I came to the place that the burning eyes, when on the computer, were unbearable.

So, head down, I walked into the local Target Optical, where I bought the last pair, and had an eye exam.  Thankfully, they did not yell at me or shame me.  I did enough of that to myself.  They did, however, already make me an oppointment for next year – without asking me.  I took that as the “yelling”.

After handing over a minor fortune – on sale, mind you – I waited for the day they came into the shop.  I sent my husband to pick them up, thinking I would go in for an adjustment when this “bug” of a cold finally left my body.  Well, a week later, bug and all, I went in to say I can’t use my iPhone or laptop – I cannot adjust my eyesight.  Haven’t posted a blog in a while .

Well, after sitting there with a lovely, young lady for about twenty minute, she realized that the original measurements taken for my eyesight to work with progressive lens, was wrong.  She re-measured and ordered new lens!  I CAN SEE!  I CAN SEE!

Moral of the story is ——- do not neglect your health in any way.  Get those eye exams regularly.

Did I mention that I CAN SEE???????


cate b

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