2014 – A Hope-Filled Year

The hours are ticking by and soon we will welcome in 2014 in the USA.  This was a good year in the blogging realm for me.  I have met a lot of awesome bloggers and people from all over the world!  Some of us are becoming good friends.  Thank you to all who follow me and who read this blog of mine.  I appreciate you very much.  Thank you to those who hit the like button, you encourage me.  And those who actually comment – I love you!

This new year hold promises of Hope to all of us.  We all experience dark times and sometimes we find no good reason to feel down.  But they still hit us.  Look up and remember there is a Hope there for us all.


And there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel.

hope in darkness

One of my biggest passions in this life is to bring Hope to others.  I love to see the potential we each hold and I love to help others go for that potential – in their dreams, their talents, their gifts.  We all are important and we all have something to offer this world.

Here is a story from a friend of mine.  He has a deep passion to bring Hope to everyone and he has walked a rough road to get there.  May you enjoy his story and may it impact your heart as it did mine.


Happy 2014!


cate b

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