Mid West Journey

Here I am, just entering the second week of my new journey in The Burg.  The house is settling in and becoming quite the treasure.  I’m not one to run from a challenge.….. but I almost ran from this house.  If we didn’t have a perfect peace about renting this one, well, let’s just say we wouldn’t be living in it.

It’s an older house who really would love to have a make-over.  But instead, she has had to settle for being a temporary home to university students, etc.  Therefore, the owners, who own many houses and such, only put in the bare minimum of improvement.  Until now.

I do believe we came across a treasure.  Her simple all white outside and old hardwood floors and floor plan are just the surface.  But if you look with eyes of potential and hope you can see what lies beneath…….

I can do that.  It is one of my passions to see what lies under the surface of people.  Their potential in life.  And when their eyes begin to brighten with the revelation of destiny and dreams – I get really happy.

The same with homes and businesses.  So this little house on the prairie – sort of – has potential.  So, after many hours of scrubbing and tears and the desire to run away, it is becoming a home.

Now, I will say that they painted the walls……… somebody did anyway.  But after handing them a list and them hesitating and dragging their feet…..

Ta Da!  We had progress.  I was going to settle for the very old kitchen sink and faucet and the even older counter tops.  The rent is low – it’s OK.  But here we are waiting for new counter tops and sink – the owner’s idea.  Other things came along like that also.  Surprises to me and I am happy with that.

So, I no longer want to run away.  I am excited for what the good Lord has for us here in this leg of our journey.  So far, as I said above, a treasure.  This house is a treasure and this town is a treasure.  

We went exploring a few times this last week.  We found fresh raw milk just down the road and fresh brown eggs for sale.  Delicious.  And we found beautiful rolling roads and skies surrounding us.

Here are some pics of our exploring.  And yes, I did hang out the car window many times to take these.  Please enjoy them and join the journey with me.

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