My Simple Advice on Marketing Skills

I was recently contacted ( and asked, as a blogger, what I believe to be my most marketable skills.  I would like to be humble and say things like, “Oh, I don’t care if anyone reads my blog, I just want to write“.   I would be lying.  I want people to read my blog.  I want to have followers and I really want my words to impact somebody.  I believe I have something to say.

So, about marketable skills.  These terms are somewhat new to me and I am not of the generation that has grown up with a computer in front of me.  But, I love to learn and find this whole world of the internet to be fascinating.  I am not afraid of it, just slow.

The term SEO has come to my attention over the last couple of years or so.  It did frighten me a little.  Acronyms terrify me.  But when a young friend sat me down in a local coffee shop and went over it in simple terms – a small light bulb came on!  This meant work – work that I do not fully understand, but was encouraged to take it slow, one step at a time.

A year later, I doubled the followers of my blog.  That may not sound like much to some of you, but to this grandma – it’s huge.  I highly encourage you to look into SEO (search engine optimization) and go for it.  I have since started two websites and Facebook pages that I enjoy maintaining.

I’m ready to learn more.  I find that having a friend or two who understand these skills more than I do really can help me the most.  I have a daughter that is an editor and has giving me a wealth of information.

Also, I found my self in a position, several years ago now, where I ended up being solely in charge of all law enforcement records of a local police department.  It was a great job.  But I did not get it based on my excellent knowledge of Word and Excel.  It was a once – in – a – lifetime, handed to me job, that rarely comes into our hands.  So, being the ever-learner I like to be, I learned and I read and I googled.  I succeeded.

I recommend to those entering the workplace to have these skills already in place – – this is one online site for learning. Do your research.  Be prepared.

My second, and most important to me personally on what I write about and put out there for the world to see, is to remain consistent to what I want to say.  To remain consistent to my mission statement.  We all should have a mission statement for our life, for our business.  And in this world that is full of achievement and competition and striving to get some where, it is easy to lose who we are.  Remain true to yourself.  True to your mission in life and your morals.  If you do not know what they are or who you are – I recommend you stop now and find the answers.  It could save you years on your journey to success.

Here is my mission statement – I want to bring Hope and Encouragement to people.  When I see the potential in others I have a passion to help them see and achieve their goals and live out their potential to the fullest.

I wish you all well in life and may you find your purpose and know that you have one and you can do it!


cate b




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