I have been the proud owner of an iPhone since the end of 2008.  I started with the 3G.  Loved that phone.  I was convinced that Apple made that phone for me.  I dropped my friend, face down, on a ceramic tile floor.  So sad.  I can still see her cracked and oozing face.  I was brave and told myself that I can live without one – I can get a free Blackberry and be fine.  After about four months  iCracked!  I was not due for an upgrade and I was beyond sad.  Then, my Knight in Shining Armor – aka: Husband – was due for an upgrade so we switched phone numbers and I got the iPhone 4.  I held onto that puppy until recently I realized I had to put it out of it’s misery.  But no worries!  I bounced back quickly when I found out I could turn her in for credit and I did – I got the iPhone 5C in YELLOW with a blue case because those colours remind me of the beach!Again, Apple has made a phone for ME!  About time they put colour into their creative phones!

My Home Screen
My Home Screen

Isn’t HE beautiful?  I say HE because I named him Maxwell – I set Siri to UK English and a Male voice.  My own private “Butler”, so to speak.

And do I like the new look and the Apple – iOS 7?  Yes.  It took getting a little use to especially when I plugged it into my outdated iTunes on my outdated mac book and found I could not sync my new phone!?!?!?!?  But no worries.  Slowly things are coming back to me as to which apps I had and when I find them in the app store it has record that I had them once before.  Easy peasy.  I did manage to find 140 songs that were saved in the cloud thingy and they were automatically put on my phone.  Can’t complain there.

So, I recommend it. IF you are an iPhone lover as I am.  My husband is not.  So he is happy with the “not so smart phone”.

Share any tips with me if you want and Enjoy!

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