How To Take a Proper Vacation

Happy 4th of July, USA!  I have been on the east coast of our fine nation for almost two weeks.  Here is how I take a vacation: And when I wasn’t laying on the beach……. and meeting up with very precious friends…….. and that is how I roll………. Enjoy! cate b

Water, Water, Everywhere – My Memories of The Jersey Shore

Growing up at The Jersey Shore and being able to swim is a must.  My mother did not swim and she had a fear of the water.  So, she made sure that us kids could swim. Well, I have memories of early June mornings, cloudy and cold, dressed in our bathing suits with towels andContinue reading “Water, Water, Everywhere – My Memories of The Jersey Shore”

I Know How to Wrap Up Summer

Summer is over, even though the temperatures are still summer-like.  The colors of the leaves are lighter and some have actually fallen.  You can feel it in the breeze – the changes are coming.  Soon we will have our fall clothing on and jackets and the leaves will turn gorgeous colors while we sip onContinue reading “I Know How to Wrap Up Summer”