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Meet Eleanor Roosevelt

The following is from a previous blog that I posted – a letter to my Macbook, Eve.

Dear Eve,

There has been great joy in our home since you joined our family the beginning of 2009.  We did away with bulky, space taking PC’s and replaced them with just you.  Two people shared you over the last, almost five years.  We never had a PC last so long.  You never became ill with the usual worms, viruses, etc. that go around in the viral world.  The only time you were ever ill was when you wouldn’t open your eyes all the way.  I rushed you into the emergency Apple Store and they plugged you into machines and life support to find that it was only a little light.   They replaced your light and also took away the surface dings and bruises and gave you a brand new plate.  And that was all covered by your health insurance – Apple Care.  We were greatly relieved to have you home and functioning.

Now, as time goes by and I use you a lot more due to blogging and viewing TV, I see that old age is finally hitting you.  Although you still haven’t caught any viruses – EVER – you are out-dated.  I’m so sorry.  In order to upgrade you I have to put out some money.  You know how I hate that.  But to be honest, your innards are just way to old to handle this.  Things are sticking and slowing way down.  I can’t even sinc my new iPhone to iTunes.  They tell me you are too old.  Again, I am so sorry.  I imagine this is how I will feel when my kids take my car and keys away from me and tell me I am too old to drive.

I will keep you to the end, dear friend.  You know me.  Handing out money is hard for me.  It will be soon, so I want you to know that I will spend as much time as possible with you.  If you leave me too soon I will have to blog on my iPhone and we know that will make me cry.  So hang in there as long as possible – at least until after Christmas, please.  You have been a faithful and loving friend.

cate b

Now I can write, today, that Eve has gone to better pastures.  She left me last month to a good home, the home of someone who can rebuild and resurrect her.  Now enters my new friend, Eleanor Roosevelt, Roosevelt for short (Macbook Air).

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt









I am in love.  Roosevelt is fast and confident and does things that Eve’s generation never could.  And did I mention that she is fast?  Oh my.  I just love technology.


cate b


I’m a Techie

Is that a word, techie?  Spell check says there is so I guess I’m good.  I’m 61 years old and just love to do things on the computer.  By that I mean I absolutely enjoy creating  and finding how to do creative things with technology.  My school years were not spent on computers.  Any typing we did was on a typewriter that didn’t plug in and involved ribbons and stuck keys and a lot of noise.  In school we had electric typewriters.  They were huge machines that were pretty high tech for us.lady-on-computer-cartoon


Recently I started a web page for my husband and I.  Through the help of a friend I purchased a domain name and then went to a free web site page, www.weebly.com.  The themes aren’t very beautiful to me, but for a beginning it suffices.  Now I’m addicted.  I want to constantly work on it and I’m limited.  I want to learn codes but totally afraid and perhaps a bit too lazy to go that far.  But think of the possibilities…….

I may have to back off and crochet something instead…..

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cate 😀