Momentary Setback

Here we are on the 17th of May, 2014 and the morning temperatures have been in the high thirties and low forties – Fahrenheit.  It would be more common to have lows in the sixties and high eighties.  Just like last week.  It was summery and lovely.  This week I toted back into the house my two plumerias, my pony tail palm, my rope plant and my “lemon tree”.  I told them to relax, summer is coming.  In fact, it is coming next week and should be here to stay.  I’m not sure they believe me.

The peonies are slow and look cold.  My neighbor’s peony is in the sun and have bloomed nicely.  Here are my cold ladies:

they are coming
This was about a week and a half ago.

To me, they look sadly cold.  But take heart, mid-west, today the high will be in the sixties and by Monday the temps will be warm and my tropicals will be outside all day and all night.

Have a lovely weekend.  Enjoy!

cate b

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