Root Beer Lake – My Memories of The Jersey Shore

South Jersey, as it is known, has a strange geographical “thing” going on.  Doesn’t that sound professional?  I don’t know what to call it and I really do not care what it is suppose to be termed.  It is a pine forest mostly made up of some kind of pygmy pines and white sand mixedContinue reading “Root Beer Lake – My Memories of The Jersey Shore”

Road Trip!

Two weeks ago my husband and I plopped ourselves in the back seat of our son’s car.  Road Trip!  We were heading to the east coast, a two day drive.  We were greeted with, “Are you ready?  Let’s go!”, spoken by our lovely two year old grand daughter, Lucy.  She was so excited.  Of courseContinue reading “Road Trip!”

My Irish Eyes Were Smilin’

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. So to celebrate I made up a few “Irish Blessings”. Total fun – I love the Irish! This one is Irish/Scottish: “May the wee bairns of the loch be ever with you and may the wee folk of the clover never darken the doors of your emerald hut” “May theContinue reading “My Irish Eyes Were Smilin’”