Friday in The Burg

It is Friday.  The weather has warmed to a normal temperature.  The sky is blue and the sun is bright.

Tomorrow an old friend is stopping by for a night, with her daughter and doggie, on their way to a new adventure in the eastern part of our country.

I love catching up with old friends.  Facebook just isn’t enough.

I must go and prepare.  Here is a picture of a building I found in The Burg.  Honestly, I have no idea of the history of this painting.  If someone knows, please, let me know.  I have been fascinated by this since we moved here.

I love old brick buildings.  I love the hidden stories that can come from them………

Brick Building - Go UCM Mules!
Brick Building – Go UCM Mules!


cate b

Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful….

enough said
enough said

What can I say.  I’m inside because:

1 – I have a cold bug

2 – It is dreadfully cold out there and not uncommon for this area, but too early.

So, this is today’s blog….. until I feel better and less drugged. 😉

Enjoy!  Stay warm, or cool, where ever you are.  

cate b (wingedprisms)

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