Day Eight and Still Breathing!

It has been eight days of blogging so far for the November Challenge.  I have to admit that it’s not as bad as I thought.  Getting the blogs written and posted has been the easy part. The hard part, for me, has been the fear and self doubt that comes at me with aContinue reading “Day Eight and Still Breathing!”

Ann with an E

One of the prompts this week for the NaBloPoMo blogging challenge is: If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why? I can remember starting my education at the local elementary school and finding a few other girls with the same first name as mine.  I was an extremelyContinue reading “Ann with an E”

Day 5 of NaBloPoMo……. ugh

Here we are on day five of the blogging challenge   and I’m doubting myself.  I am blogging at night for the following day which totally puts me out of sinc.  I’m doing this because I am out of town helping with my grand daughters who are 2.5 years and 2 weeks.  My backContinue reading “Day 5 of NaBloPoMo……. ugh”

What a Character!       “Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.” Judy Garland On this quest to write a daily blog for this month they have suggested prompts.  Today’s  prompt is “Who is your favourite character of all time?” I chose Me!  I am quiteContinue reading “What a Character!”

A Picture is Worth

For this fine Sunday morning where we apparently gained an hour of sleep in most parts of the USA, I bring you a simple picture of our two grand daughters.  Meet Lucy and Penny June. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  What do you see?  I was there and I know howContinue reading “A Picture is Worth”

Day 2 – I Need Air!

Well, here I am at Day Two of the  blog-a-day challenge.  Is it hot in here?  Someone open a window!  I had my coffee and my yummy homemade Kolaches (for a future blog) and now I am typing.  Several ideas ran through my brain all night and I decided to blog about a dreamContinue reading “Day 2 – I Need Air!”

November 1st! Here We Go!

As I posted in my last couple of blogs, I have had a difficult time blogging lately.  So I decided to take the plunge and join the crowd at  and I will be blogging once a day for the month of November. It is now November 1st and as far as I am concernedContinue reading “November 1st! Here We Go!”

Seasons Go Round and Round

Here I am again trying to blog.  This has been a hard season for me.  Seems like my husband and are are in a transitional period of our life.  That simply means that we are waiting for some things to fall into place so we can move on into the next season of our life. Continue reading “Seasons Go Round and Round”

A is for Apple, Will You Sing It With Me? Daily Prompt

I’m taking the daily challenge – Daily Prompt: Bookworms by michelle w. on September 14, 2013 Grab the nearest book. Open it and go to the tenth word. Do a Google Image Search of the word. Write about what the image brings to mind. Photographers, artists, poets: show us BOOKS. I opened the book The MiraculousContinue reading “A is for Apple, Will You Sing It With Me? Daily Prompt”

I Know How to Wrap Up Summer

Summer is over, even though the temperatures are still summer-like.  The colors of the leaves are lighter and some have actually fallen.  You can feel it in the breeze – the changes are coming.  Soon we will have our fall clothing on and jackets and the leaves will turn gorgeous colors while we sip onContinue reading “I Know How to Wrap Up Summer”